Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where to find vegetarian foods: (2) Shang Yen in Masai Utama

When I first working in Johor, this was the first vegetarian restaurant I managed to find in Masai and Seri Alam areas, after suffering for a few days without any proper vegetarian foods, which I just ate some bread, fruits and vegetarian instant noodles.

This vegetarian restaurant called Shang Yen is located in Masai Utama, which is behind Masai main road. If you drive along Pasir Gudang Highway towards Pasir Gudang town, after 2 flyovers leading to Seri Alam do not turn to Seri Alam, go straightand pass by a bus stop without shelter, you will see a few rows of shop lots on your left hand side. You turn left towards the shop lots and drive straight until you see a furniture shop at the junction and you turn left again to the side lane. Immediately reaching another junction, you turn left again and look for the vegetarian restaurant at your left hand side. This road is eventually leading to Masai main road.

This is Shang Yen vegetarian restaurant
This restaurant mainly serves mixed rice. The dishes are mostly delicious. One of the dishes I love to eat is “tempeh” which is a healthy and delicious dish. Other delicious foods I like are sweet and sour dried bean curd, “yong tau foo”, hot and spicy fried beans and eggplants and all sorts of vegetables.

If you do not like mixed rice or if you want to try other food, I would recommend you their clay pot rice. It is very hard to find vegetarian clay pot rice in most of the vegetarian restaurants and you are lucky enough that you can find it here. It is one of my favorite foods and it taste pretty good.

Other foods include vegetarian “bak kut teh” (the one sold in Vege Station in Johor Jaya is more delicious), clay pot “yee mee”, Indian fried noodle, tom yam noodle, curry noodle, “wang tang mee”, Hokkein mee, “petai” fried rice, etc. How is it? Sounds tasty?

This veggie restaurant operates from 7am to 4pm, Mondays to Saturdays. It will open on Sundays if 1st and 15th days of lunar month fall on Sundays.

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