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1) BODY CLEANSING - External

The skin is a organ for elimination of poisons. It reflects the energy of lungs. Since lungs and large intestine are paired energetically, the skin also reflects the health and cleanliness of the large intestine. A clean colon results in clear skin. Skin eruptions are the body's attempt to eliminate posions not taken care of by the lungs and the large intestine.

Not only the skin needs cleaning, but also the energy field, or aura. Therefore, different baths and showers are introduced as follows for cleaning the body:

a) Dry Brushing

A natural fiber skin brush or luffa is used to brush gently the surface of the skin. The brushing removes dead skin stimulates circulation. This step removes the need to use soap. Brush towards the direction of the colon area.

b) Hot and Cold Shower

This is an invigorating shower, stimulating the circulation and increasing resistance to cold weather. Turn on first hot shower for two to three minutes followed by thirty seconds of cold water. Initially slowly turn off the water so the temperature gradually turn from hot to cold. To keep the body heat, keep palms under the arm-pit and stay in motion to keep warm. Then turn the water back to hot for another two to three minutes. Repeat the hot and cold cycle a total of three times. This was taught by Dr. Tom of California. Apparently within one week people will not be sensitive to cold.

c) Aura-cleaning Shower

The "dirt" clinging onto energy fields are as noticeable. They are usually negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, etc. Colour visualization can be used to clean them. While taking the shower, visualize water as the colour turquoise and cleaning all the dirt from the aura.

d) Vinegar Bath

The vinegar bath is also good for cleaning the aura. Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to half a tub of hot water. Soak for twenty minutes.

e) Epsom Salt Bath

Soak in a tub of water where three to four pounds of Epsom Salt has been added. This is very good to pull out the toxins from the skin.

f) Sea Salt and Baking Soda Bath

This combination has been recommended to remove radiation from the body. Good to do after a flight or radiation treatments. Soak in a tub of hot water with one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda for twenty minutes. For those who had radiation treatment, repeat once a week for several months.

2) BODY CLEANSING - Internal

Colon is the main organ of elimination. It can become a toxic waste dump if regularity is not maintained. A diet of mostly cooked food causes the colon to accumulate waste product, anywhere from five pounds to twenty five pounds or even more. Skin and other health problems can result from the reabsorption of waste matter.

To keep the colon healthy and clean, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and regular exercise are essential. The following are some aids in clearing the colon of waste material.

a) Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is a white powder found in the vicinity of volcanic eruptions. It has extremely absorptive power. Make a solution of it by adding clay to water and not the reverse. The proportion is about one ounce to one cup of water. Store in a jar. Mix one table spoon of the suspension and mix in a glass of water and take first thing in the morning. Take another one table spoon straight in the evening at dinner. Do this for two to three weeks. This procedure can be repeated every year or every few years.

b) Colon Irrigation or Colonics

Colon is like a 5 feet long pipe, after using for a long period, a sludge is often developed along the internal surface of colon. Cleaning the colon of old sludge takes a procedure known as colon irrigation. Water is flushed in repeatedly like an enema with the aid of a machine. Dr. Norman Walker recommends a regular cleaning twice a year. The procedure takes about an hour and is conducted by an experienced person with colon therapy training.
(Warning: Don't apply this method by your own.)

c) Liver Flush

The following is given by Jack Schwartz to clean out the liver toxin. Mix 1/2 cup of warm water with juice of one lemon, one table spoon of molasses, one tea spoon of olive oil and dash of cayenne pepper. Take first thing in the morning. Continue for ten days.

d) Water - The Ultimate Body Cleanser

From time to time, it will be beneficial to give the digestive system a rest and take only water. This is known as fasting. It allows stagnant waste matters to flush out of the body. One should choose spring, filtered or distilled water for fasting. One to three days of fasting can be done by almost anyone. For longer fast, it is best to do so under guidance of someone experienced. A long water fast is not recommended for those in a very weak condition, but alternate with juice fast.

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One way to live in healthy is to relax yourself, relax your body and your mind. Nowdays we are facing so much pressure and problems, whether pressure from work load or family matters, or financial pressure, or tense relationship between yourself and colleagues, superiors, family members or friends. No matter how great the pressure is, we still have to live, to work and to do all daily activities. So, relax and listen to music, especially relaxing music or meditation music. It's much better if you can meditate. After relaxing, you will feel fresh, your mind will be clearer and most probably some of your pressure disappeared and some of your problems solved (as new ideas or solutions to your problems will be pop up when you are in relaxing state). You will realise that the sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, the mountain is green and the sky is blue. How wonderful is our lives. Cool or cool?

So, let's listen to the most relaxing music ever


Five years after writing "Casual Conversation on Cancer Therapy", my basic approach to cancer remains unchanged. The only difference is more experience and additional information, particularly in relation to the emotional and spiritual factors in the development of sickness.

In November of 1989, I visited Grenole, France and learned about a cancer treatment center focused on the psychological aspects of cancer. The center utilizes the approach discovered by Dr. R.G Hamer, a German doctor based in Cologne. Patients are helped through talking, and resolving inner conflicts and shocks. Dr. Ham has found that inner conflicts and shocks are the main trigger that sets off cancer. In 1979 after his son was murdered, both he and his wife came down with cancer. He was a specialist in cancer, the experience taught him that cancer can be triggered through the mind, and the development stage can be very short. He reversed his own cancer after resolving his inner conflicts. He discovered that his patients also experienced some form of shock or inner conflict combined with inabililty to talk about it (or had no one who should listen) before the onset of cancer. The patients were helped through talking it out and through finding specific solutions to the problem. Depending on the nature of the shock or conflict, lesions in the brain would appear, followed by the detection cancer in the corresponding organs. For example, cancer of the left breast is related to conflict between mother and child. The right side is related to conflict with others. Cancer of the colon is related more to "territorial" conflict at work, such as areas of responsibility and control. Cancer of the lung is more related to fear of death; liver with anger, bitterness and resentment. Over all he collected 10,000 cases.

In the treatment of cancer, Dr. Hamer uses the approaches of talking, letting the patient talk it out, and of resolving conflicts. I met a woman in France with cancer of both breast which had metastasized throughout the body. Before the onset of disease, one of her sons has tried to commit suicide, one had an explosion at home, and the third son had also had problems. Then she had a fight with her husband. Soon afterwards she developed cancers in both breasts that spread throughout the body.

As the saying goes:"In life, eight or nine times out of ten things do not go as we wish". When conflicts or problems arise, it is important not to repress. Whenever possible, talk it out among friend and family. If it is a situation or problem without a ready made solution, one can use the method of thought transformation to face it. Some of the folk sayings of China are really the wisdom of thousands of years:"lose money, reduce trouble","life and death have their own courses, riches and positions are up to heaven". If one understands karma, one would realize:"You harvest squash if you planted seed of squash, and harvest beans after planting beans". To have all go well, one must "refrain from all evil, do all that is good". At the same time one should repent past wrong doings. Further, life is like a dream; everything is changing all the time. What is the use of getting suck on the sharp end of the horns of the bull ? What is the use of getting overwhelmed with anger? Think, where are the hero of the bygone days? One will calm down after thinking things through. At the same time, one should accumulate as much positive energy as possible, helping others in whatever way one can. To extend one's life, it is important to not kill, and to save as many lives as possible. The number saved should be at the least same as one's age; the more the better.

P/S: May you be well and healthy. May you help yourself by helping others first, whether human beings or animals.

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The word "cancer" usually elicits a strong emotional reaction, and is not a subject for casual conversation. So, why this choice of the title?

Firstly, worrying interferes with good health, especially those with sickness. "Casual conversation" encourages a lighter atmosphere.

Secondly, the treatments discussed are not conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Thirdly, these treatments although effective, have not been tested in large scale clinical trial. They are merely experiential. Cancer is an illness that can be prevented and treated. If the medical community and the public had a correct understanding of the illness, then there would not be so much fear surrounding the disease, preventing also much unnecessary suffering and expense.

In both prevention and treatment of cancer, one must be aware of both the psychological and physical aspects, external and internal factors.

Let us start with prevention. The National Academy of Sciences had published a report on cancer prevention. The conclusion is that aside from alcohol and smoking, food and cancer have the strongest link. For example, one study found that if smokers regularly eat carrots, the incidence of cancer is lower than for a smokers who do not eat carrots. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, a cancer-inhibiting nutrient. Dark leafy greens are also protective against cancer. There are several recommendations for prevention of cancer: reduce oil, fat, salt and sugar consumption; increase consumption of fresh vegetables. fruits, and whole grains. These recommendations are based on numerous scientific studies.

Of course, environmental and physiological factors are important in the onset of cancer. However there are also psychological factors. This observation is at least 1000 years old. Chinese medicine has for thousands of years understood the relationship between emotions and diseases. To have little desire is a way to keep healthy. This includes moderation in food and simplicity of life style. In the Western medical tradition there is also literature on the relation between cancer and emotions. Dr Galen wrote in 200 B.C. that women of melancholy disposition are more prone to breast cancer. This was based on his medical experience. There are a lot of modern day studies showing this. Long term depression combined with lack of warm childhood can put one at high risk for cancer. Often one to two years before the onset of cancer, the patients have lost interest in living or hope for the future, or have experienced major stress and change in life. This can be loss of a spouse or other major changes. Unhappiness can impair many body functions, especially immune function. Because cancer can be caused by many factors, one should be aware of all these different factors in prevention.

The treatments discussed here are "folk" medicine. The main difference from hospital treatment is that the method is mild, with no side-effects. Those without sickness or with other chronic illnesses can all benefit. The result? There are many successful cases, and the news spreads by word of mouth. No treatment is going to be 100% successful, but at least it will improve the sick person's constitution. Each of the three treatments listed below have their stengths, and can be practiced together: food therapy, Qi Gong and herbal medicine....

The above is excerpt from Chapter 18 of 
The Pursuit Of Life
by Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D.
Founder of Lapis Lazuli Light

P/S: Hope you will be benefited from reading the above article. 

Healthy Living Cartoon by Kai Hammond

Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Nutrition by Natalie

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1. More Natural Food, Less Meat
Every gram of meat contains 100,000 to 90,000,000 bacteria which could not be completely destroyed by cooking. Nowadays, animals are raised in animal factories where animals are fed antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals. In other words, animals are being treated as meat-machines.
In fact, we can get all our required nutrition from natural food such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and sea-vegetables.

2. Brown Rice Not White Rice
Plants provide a complete source of nutrition. For example, whole grains offer low fat, high quality protein, sugar and fiber. It is an important source of our daily energy. In the process of refinement from whole grains to white rice or white flour, bran and germ will be eliminated. The main nutrients are lost and only carbohydrates are left.

3. Molasses Rather Than White Sugar
When sugar cane is made into refined sugar or white sugar, all other minerals and nutrients are left in the molasses which are the by-products of this process. White sugar is harmful to our body because it will discharge vitamin from our body, destroy the regenerative process of calcium and adversely affect the nervous system.

4. Avoid MSG
MSG is harmful to our bodies. It causes dizziness , headache, high blood pressure, shock and so on, the Americans named these the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome". In U.S, MSG is generally not allowed to be used in their restaurants, so you can imagine how harmful is the MSG!

5. Take Sea Salt Rather Than Refined Salt
Vegetable and sea salt contain organic salt that is needed for human body. However, most of the salt we see has been processed (excluding Celtic sea salt). Refined salt consists of chemical, preservatives and other additives, which not only cause indigestion, but also increase the burden on the kidney. This will lead to arteriosclerosis, swollen veins and other diseases.

6. Avoid Cow Milk
Cow milk is the root cause for respiratory problems, tuberculosis, asthma, etc. These symptoms arise because the body is unable to discharge the mucus produced by cow milk. Cow milk contains 3 times more casein than human milk and thus is only suitable for calves. Casein is also used to produce super glue for the furniture industry. In addition, cow milk contains large amount of protein. In order to digest lactose and casein from protein, a special enzyme is needed. This type of enzyme will not be produced by human body after the age of three or four. When the amount of protein intake increases, more calcium will be lost from our bones, and the bone structures become fragile and loose. Therefore, milk consumption increases the chance of contracting osteoporosis.


It is the most complete and perfect food in the century. It is also known as "The Medicine of Longevity and Youth" or "The Father of Food".

It is nurtured by processing the seeds so that it will produce buddy sprouts. Bean sprouts refer to the budding sprouts of beans, grains or vegetable seeds.

Bean sprouts contain a lot of anti-oxidation chemicals such as vitamins A (the carrots element), different types of vitamin B, C, E, chlorophyll, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, selenium, anti-oxidation enzymes and others which can help to neutralize the residual chemical poisoning in our body.

Bean sprouts can be digested and absorbed easily. It also contains high nutritious values by six to ten times, vitalize the enzymes resulting in the conversion of protein into peptone, while the starch will be converted into monosaccharides. The vitamins will increase from three to twelve times. Besides, the minerals will be converted so that they can easily be digested and absorbed.

There are some seeds which can increase the amount of vitamin C by seven times in the first three days of sprouting. The content is much higher than that of lemon juice.

Eating bean sprouts is one hundred percent safe. It is the food which is nurtured by the nature and does not contain pesticide, chemical fertilizer and bacteria from the earth. It is also not polluted by outer atmosphere and does not bring any harm. It is indeed a 'complete-perfect' food. Some people call it: "The Medicine for Longevity and Youth".

Bean sprouts contain peptone monosaccharides, enzymes and others. It will supply us with energy and vitality swiftly. Beside having high nutritious values, it is also the cheapest type of vegetables. Therefore, everybody whether you are rich or poor will be benefited from consuming this high nutritious vegetable.

Below is the video showing how to grow bean sprouts:
how to grow bean sprouts


(A) The Nutrition Value of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a complete and total food which contains:-
  • Large amount of protein.
  • Its chlorophyll structure is similar to hemoglobin (red colouring matter of red blood corpuscles). Has the ability to strengthen cellular functioning, removes toxins from the liver and bloodstream and neutralises poisonous chemicals.
  • Contains natural vitamins A, C, E and B complex.
  • Contains calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and small amounts of minerals.

(B) Healing Functions of Wheatgrass Juice

  • Juice of wheatgrass lowers blood pressure, removes toxins from the body and improves blood circulation.
  • Juice from wheatgrass  inhibits cancer cell growth as it is capable of stopping body cells from sudden changes. It can also inhibit tumour growth without any side effects unlike modern day chemical treatment on tumours which could damage normal cells.
  • Juice from the wheatgrass strengthens blood capillaries.
  • Chlorophyll of wheatgrass controls bacteria growth.
  • Chlorophyll of wheatgrass balances blood sugar and cleanses the liver.
  • Chlorophlyll of wheatgrass helps digestion and is a good deodorant for bad breath and body odor.
  • Wheatgrass pulp can be applied on infected area to prevent infection and kills bacteria.
  • Enzyme from the juice cleanses the bloodstream as well as neutralises toxins in cells.
  • Wheatgrass contains fluid oxygen which keeps the mind alert (the brain consumes one quarter of the oxygen supplied to the body), improves digestion, enable healthy blood circulation so as to nourish every cell in the body.

MEAT - The Chief Assailant Of Human's Body

There are nitrogen, carcass poisoning, cholesterol, uric acid, urine elements, the infection of poisonous diseases, chemical poisonings, DDT poisoning, antibiotics poisoning, the decaying and death of cells which are in infected by the meat compound.

Eating meat will lead to the hardening of the blood vessels, the growth of stones in the kidney and gall-bladder, coronary disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, the hardening of the liver, cancer, obese, pancreatitis, the inflammation of joints, haemorrhoids, the diseases of intenstines and stomach, osteoporosis, fatigue, the mad-cow disease (Bovine Disease), the swelling and crookedness of the vein vessels, Diverticulum, Salmonella (food poisoning caused by bateria infection) ulcer in the stomach and intestines, low sugar level, the hardening of the arteries and lots of other diseases....

Meat contains lots of uric acid and urine elements which will burden the function of the kidney. It may lead to kidney sickness such as rheumatism and the inflammation of the joints.

Constipation is caused by taking meat which is lack of fibre and the over absorption of the residual of meat in the long intestine. The digestive system of a man who eats too much meat is unable to digest the food completely. The meat that remains in the intestine decays and produces poisonous elements and therefore, it leads to diseases. The blood is contaminated with these poisonous elements from decaying meat. If a man enjoys eating half-cooked meat, then he has a greater chance to get infected with diseases. Xantin is one of the poisonous elements which is found in meat. It has the power to regenerate itself. The intestine of meat eater consist of bacteria which dislikes oxygen and due to the prolongation of residual meat in the intestine, intestine cancer will be formed.

Meat contains high percentage of cholesterol. Therefore, by taking meat in daily diet, the health of middle age and old people has seriously been affected and this has become their greatest enemy. Cholesterol can be found in the brains of animals, nervous systems, blood, gall, egg-yolk and fat. Cholesterol is difficult to be emulsified and digested completely in our body. After taking for a long time, the blood is thickened with fat and becomes sticky. That is why it will lead to diseases such as the hardening of the arteries, coronary diseases, high blood pressure, haemorrhage, stroke (cerebrovascular accident) and others. Other than that, the accumulation of cholesterol will weaken the cells and disturb the functioning of the body system. Such a man will grow old faster and looks older than his age.

As a conclusion, in order to live in healthy, we should reduce eating meat or better still cut down meat eating totally as meat contains full of poisons, bacteria, cholesterol, etc. Instead we should take more wholegrains, vegetables and fruits for a healthy life.
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