Healing 食疗养生

1) Food healing

What is Food Healing? The foods we buy from grocery store, market or supermarket have the power to activate our immune’s system. However, the complete transformation requires specific knowledge and a willingness to take charge of one’s own health. Jeff is the expert!
Great breakthroughs in nutrition are revealing natural solutions for autism, asthma, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Every physical and emotional ailment are curable as long as he or she is willing to saturate his or her body with PHYTOCHEMICALS which act as KEYS on our cellular receptors.
Some phytochemicals are structurally similar to insulin and fill the cells “insulin holes” allowing glucose to enter the cells. Other phytochemicals in the stem of pineapple help activate phase-2 enzyme, which is the primary detoxification process of human body undertaken by the liver. It is this phase-2 enzyme that people need to activate for a reversal of cancer.
There are over 385 phytochemicals in 1 apple that are found mostly in the skin, stems and seeds, which are thrown away by us! What a waste!" Our traditional diet is very low in phytochemicals and this is the primary reason why the 3 killer diseases are at epidemic proportions.
Most of the oldest people chew their food meticulously and often take hours to eat an apple! Considering that phytochemicals are in the skin this makes sense. This is why a 3-horsepower blender is needed to break out the phytochemicals from the seeds, stems, skins and rinds. Juicing fruits and vegetables is a completely waste as it throws all the fiber away that are rich in phytochemicals.
Jeff has created “Smoothie Formulas” and it has 95 recipes with specific smoothies for Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Anemia, Arthritis, Asthma, ADD, Autism, Poor Circulation, Cancer & Tumor, Chronic Fatigue, Colds & Flu Virus, Constipation & Digestive Disorders, Depression, Diabetes Type 1 & 2, Eye Diseases & Poor Vision, Heart Disease & Stroke, Infertility, Insomnia, Kidney Stones, Liver Diseases, Menopause, Migraines, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Prostate Disorders, Sexual Problems, Thyroid Problems, Weight Loss.

2) Healing power of music

Most of us like to listen to music, especially those relaxing, soothing and healing music. Music is processed in the right hemisphere of the brain but how does it affect our body and brain?
There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is played to us. Music can affect hormone, encourage the production of cortisone and testosterone. Music can also release dopamine, a chemical substance that is released by our brain when we are eating or having a lot of money.
Stress has a negative effect on body. It can cause the blood vessels to become rigid, which does not allow the blood to flow freely. Arteries can be hardened and blood pressure can be raised too. Stress can affect our immune system as well, which people who are stressed tend to get sick often. Stress can even lead to anxiety and depression.
But calm music has positive effects on body; it can make us feel great! When our mood improves, the stress is chased away. While we are listening to our favorite music, our blood vessel is relaxed and opened up. It also produced chemicals that help protect the heart. Therefore, listening to music consistently can improve our health.
Beyond the biology and the actual responses of our bodies, there are definite responses of our mind as well. There are different components to music that can have an effect. Pitch, harmony, frequency, melody, and rhythm all affect the brain in different ways. Many musical therapy experts recommend making music a part of our daily lives, because its effects can improve with time. Our language skills, creativity, happiness and memory, can improve with regular musical therapy over the time.
Beside the benefits of listening to music as mentioned above, other benefits are as follows:
  • Building new neural pathway growth - increase in our brain power 
  • Balancing the brain's electrical activity - whole brain functioning 
  • Releasing positive brain chemicals other than dopamine, such as DHEA and Serotonin 
  • Balancing our emotions
  • Regulating our sleep cycles 

3) Tai Chi or other exercise are the best treatment for the blues
(Source: AFP Relaxnews)
US researchers reported recently that a gentle, westernized version of the ancient Chinese martial art Tai Chi can lift depression in order people.
Depression in older adults is the subject of serious concern, with millions over 65 experiencing depression, and men over 85 facing increased risks of suicide. Yet, about half of all cases of depression go undiagnosed and untreated, although experts say depression is the most treatable form of mental illness.
US researchers at UCLA measured the effectiveness of weekly Tai Chi exercise classes along with a standard depression treatment involving medication for a group of depressed seniors.
The Tai Chi group found greater improvement in their levels of depression – “along with improved quality of life, better memory and cognition, and more overall energy” – than the group for which the standard treatment was paired with a weekly health education class.
“Depression can lead to serious consequences, including greater morbidity, disability, mortality and increased cost of care”, said Helen Lavretsky, a UCLA professor-in-residence of psychiatry. “With Tai Chi, we may be able to treat these conditions without exposing them to additional medications.”
If you or someone you know is experiencing mild depression, Jonathan Ellerby of the famed US Canyon Ranch in Arizona, recommends a few easy tips before seeking medication or diagnosis such as examining a few other areas of their life first.
“In short, sleep, exercise, diet, exposure to natural light, meaningful relationships, and an overall sense that your life choices are reflective of your true values are the foundations of wellbeing, mood stability, and a positive outlook”, he wrote on the Psychology Today website.
The good news, he adds, is that if you do in fact have a medical condition, these steps will only help you manage the problem. “ Many psychiatrists are convinced that this short list of factors along with some therapy and meditation tools are really all it takes to manage most forms of depression.”
American author and physician Andrew Weil suggests regular aerobic exercise as the best cure for the blues. He recommends 30 minutes of continuous activity at least 5 days a week and suggests cutting caffeine and checking your medications to see if any over-the counter or prescription drugs might be contributing to depression.

4)Home cures for common illnesses

Many of us tend to run to a doctor at the slightest sign of ill-health. But drugs do not guarantee a cure. In fact, some medicines may do more harm than good. Taking antibiotics for a simple bout of diarrhoea for instance, may aggravate your condition.
Simple ailments like coughs and colds, headaches, sore throat and constipation can easily be treated at home at minimum cost and maximum safety. Drugs are not always necessary as our body has its own natural defences to fight off diseases. So why take unnecessary risks?
I myself have stopped seeing doctor for the past 6 or 7 years and have also never taken any sick leave.

Below are some natural home remedies for several mild health problems.

1) Colds and flu

You don't need to see a doctor for these unless they last for more than a week or are accompanied by fever.

- Take plenty of water and have adequate rest.
- Eat lots of fruits like oranges (or drink the juice) and guava.
- To relieve blocked nose, take deep breaths of hot water vapour for 15 minutes several times a day. All you have to do is sit on a chair with a bucket of hot water at your feet. Cover your head over the bucket with a sheet and breathe in the rising vapour. Alternatively, you can put a little salt water in your cupped hands and sniff it into the nose. Or breathe in the scent of crushed or chopped garlic several times a day.

- Crush some ginger and extract 1 teaspoon of the juice. Sweeten with honey and take this three times a day for four days.
2) Coughs

Coughing is our body's way of getting rid of phlegm and germs in the throat or lungs. Medicines are usually not necessary unless symptoms persist or there's blood in the phlegm.
- Drink plenty of plain water.

- Breathe in hot water vapour to clear the nose.

- Have 1 to 2 glassfuls of plain cabbage juice a day.

- Boil three carrots for 15 minutes, extract the juice and mix it with water to make half a glassful. Drink hot five or six times a day.

3) Fever

Mild fevers are not life-threatening. You can easily bring the temperature down without having to see a doctor.

- Remove all clothing or wear loose clothes made from thin material so that your body gets lots of fresh air.

- Get someone to fan your body. It helps lower the body temperature.

- Sponge the whole body with a wet towel. If this is not possible sponge the chest and forehead constantly till fever subsides.

- Take soft foods like porridge and soft-boiled rice, and drink plenty of plain water or fruit juices.

- Wash a fistful of green peas thoroughly and let them dry. Fry without oil, place in a cup, add cold water and leave for a while before drinking.

4) Headaches and migraine

- Boil a handful of kangkung and then pound till fine. Pour a glass of water over it, add a pinch of salt, strain and drink the solution

- Apply thinly sliced potatoes on forehead. Replace with fresh ones as they dry up.

- Cut a lemon in half. apply each half to each temple and hold them in place for 10-15 minutes with handkerchief or scarf bound round your head

5) Sorethroat

- Put 1 teaspoonful salt in a glass of warm water and gargle.

6) Constipation

- Drink plenty of water.

- Eat lots of fruits (especially papaya), vegetables and foods rich in fibre, eg wholemeal bread.

- Boil 1kg carrots in a litre of water for 2 hours. Then, blend in a liquidiser or rub through a sieve. Drink the soup.

7) Diarrhoea

- Drink plenty of water.

- Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) may also help. Put 2 level tablespoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon salt in a litre of boiled water (you can add 1/2 cup orange juice or a little lemon juice if you like). Drink every five minutes day and night until you begin to urinate properly. A child may need to drink at least 1 litre a day.

- Drink plain, strong tea (you may add fried cummin seeds or lime juice to it).

- For babies, boil poppy seeds (kas-kas), grind and mix with milk.

8) Mumps

NOT dangerous in young children and swellings usually go away by themselves in 2 weeks. Mumps leave a strong, natural, active immunity so your child seldom gets a second attack.

- Give him plenty of water to drink and also soft food that he can eat easily.

As can be seen from the above remedies, water play a very important role in curing sickness, therefore we have to make sure that we drink enough water daily to prevent illness and maintain our vitality.

5)Fruits and vegetables for good health of hearts  

Malaysia government is actively promoting the importance of having healthy heart via advertisements on TVs and radios recently to create awareness among the public. Beside exercises, fruits and vegetables play an important role to help reducing heart disease.

In the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)-Heart Study, it was found that people who consumed at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables a day had a 22% less risk of dying from heart disease compared to those who ate fewer than three portions a day. A portion of fruit weighed 80g is equivalent to a small banana, a medium apple or a small carrot. The study published online in January this year in the European Heart Journal studied over 300,000 men and women without any history of heart attack or stroke from eight European countries. The results revealed that every one portion increment in fruit and vegetable intake was associated with a 4% lower risk of fatal heart disease.
It has been postulated that various antioxidant micronutrients contained in fruits and vegetables reduce atherosclerosis – process of cholesterol plaque formation and buildup in the walls of the arteries – caused by oxidative damage. However, findings from large scale studies looking at effects of these antioxidant micronutrients on the heart have not supported this hypothesis. Proponents of antioxidants have argued that taking supplements such as those used in these studies are not the same as having the whole fruit or vegetable because there are many other components in fruits and vegetables that may confer protective effect on the heart.
Before we start having eight portions of fruits and vegetables, consider some of the following recommendations recommended by the American Heart Association:
- Have eight of more fruit and vegetable serving every day. An average adult consuming 2,000 calories daily should aim for 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day
- Take fruits and vegetables of different colours
- Add fruits and vegetables to the foods we love
- Enjoy fruit-based desserts
- Use healthy cooking method. Roasting, steaming baking and microwaving vegetables are ideal preparation methods
What fruits should we go for? Most fruits are good for our hearts but just avoid the sweet ones if you have diabetes as there is natural sugar in fruits. The ones that are generally good are the ones rich in antioxidants such as pomegranate, red grapefruit, blueberries, kiwi fruit, red and purple grapes.

6)Burnt Coconut Water Can Cure Diseases

I live in Malaysia for so many years and only until now I realised that the coconut can be burnt on wood and to be drunk when it is still hot. Last week a friend of mine invited me to have a trial.
The stall selling burnt coconut is located at a wooden hut beside old Masai Road, between Plentong and Bandar Seri Alam, Johor.
This is the stall selling burnt coconut water. The business here is quite good with customers come in and out.
The green coconuts were burned on steel drum with burning wood underneath
This was the burnt coconut I enjoyed for the first time in my life.
How is it? Look good and taste good? It still tastes like coconut, but with burning smell. Not bad, I really enjoyed it and I sweated like being steamed in the sauna.
The Malay owner has written on the wooden wall that this burnt coconut can cure quite a number of diseases, for example diabetes, high blood pressure, fewer and headache. I asked the woman owner whether it can really cure diabetes and high blood pressure. She replied that in order to cure the diseases, one has to drink everyday and only drink the coconut water without taking the coconut "meat". Beside curing the said diseases, the burnt coconut water can also cleanse our blood to remove toxin from our blood vessel.

I was made known that these burnt coconuts can also be found in Selangor and East Coast. Want to have a trial? You could most probably love it! My friend had come for a few times as his toothache was reducing after having burnt coconut water. It is not that expensive, it only costs RM3.00, which is only 50 sen extra over fresh coconut.

7)Simplest way to cure hemorrhoids – amazing veld vine

A Chinese proverb says “ten men nine are suffering from hemorrhoids”. I don’t know how true this proverb is. But to me, I mean 10 years ago, I did suffer from internal piles. I still remember at that time, I ate a lot of hot and spicy foods. As you know, a lot of Malaysians have a common interest which is to eat hot and spicy foods, like curry, "assam laksa", tom yam, "nasi lemak", etc.

After eating hot and spicy foods consecutively for a few days, while working at s construction site in Nilai, I suddenly felt unbearable pain at my anus, the piles just attacked me out of sudden. I shouted helplessly and was then sent to a clinic by my superior. The doctor injected analgesic to my piles and then tied my piles with rubber ring.

After resting at the hostel for a few days, I felt a little bit better. But the annoying hemorrhoids were still disturbing me, for those who are suffering from hemorrhoids will understand me well. The method of tying the piles with rubber ring is not a good one as the piles will initial become smaller but it will grow bigger again after a short period.
A few years later, I was lucky enough that a friend of my wife introduced me with this amazing plant called “veld vine” or scientific name “Cissus quadrangularis” or Vitis quadrangularis”. At first, I was not so convinced. Can this veld vine really cure my piles? However, I gave myself a trial. 3 days later, it seemed like no improvement. I encouraged myself to continue trying. Huh! You know what happened? Amazingly, my piles were getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared! How amazing!

Here is the simplest method to cure the hemorrhoids:
1) Take 3 or 4 cuts of veld vine depend on the size.
2) Wash it and remove the skin.
3) Cut it into small pieces, as small piece as possible.
4) Put the cut veld vine onto clay spoon.
5) Just swallow it! And quickly drink some plain water. If possible don’t let the cut veld vine touch on your lips as it is very “sharp” that will “cut” your lips.

6) Take this veld vine days and nights after meal until your piles disappeared. My experience was it took about 2 weeks to 3 weeks to disappear totally.
7) Please bear in mind that during this period, you are prohibited to consume any foods that contain chilli, curry, pepper and anything that is hot and spicy.

8)最简易治疗痔疮的方法 – 神奇的四方藤


不欲生的痔疮痛 。当时也许连续几天吃辛辣的食物,结果身体受不了而导致痔疮发作。我被


















9) Dark chocolate helps to reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke 黑巧克力有助于降低心


Perhaps the most painless path to better cardiovascular health is one that comes all-too-naturally to many people: eating chocolate. Earlier research had established a link between cocoa-based confections and lowered blood pressure or improvement in blood flow, which often attributed to antioxidants.

Oscar Franco and colleagues from the University of Cambridge reviewed half-a-dozen studies covering 100,000 patients, with and without heart disease, comparing the group that consumed the most and the least chocolate in each. They found that the highest level of chocolate intake was associated with a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease, and a 20% drop in strokes, when compared with the chocolate-adverse cohort. But no significant reduction was reported in the incidence of heart attack.

The findings, alas, come with an important caveat: the healthful molecules are found in the bitter cacao, which grow on the cacao tree and are full of natural plant nutrients; not in the sugar and fat with which they are routinely combined. Commercially available chocolate is very calorific and eating too much of it could in itself lead to weight gain, risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Most of the studies to date highlight dark chocolate's health values because it has the highest percentage of cocoa solids, therefore more flavanol antioxidants. In fact, ounce for ounce, dark chocolate and cocoa have more antioxidants than do foods like blueberries, green tea and red wine.
Antioxidants work by protecting your cells from damaging molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are basically unstable oxygen molecules that can trigger changes in the structure of normally healthy cells. This damage is thought to be an underlying cause of many chronic diseases. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are a natural by-product of life, but as we get older the natural antioxidants our body makes to fight them off begin to decline. The best way to recharge your antioxidant power is to get them through your diet. Now you know why you are always told to eat more fruits and vegetables.




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