Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: Why eat raw foods? 生食的好处

Fresh foods are rich in enzymes. Enzymes help to breakdown larger molecules, such as starch and fat. Enzymes become inactive with heat, above 60oC or 140oF. Cooked foods are lack of enzymes, and therefore cannot be fully digested. The residues remain in the intestine will be rotten. Eating only cooked food over long periods can cause the growth of all kinds of tumors.
Out of twenty amino acids in foods, eight are essential to maintain life. Two are heat sensitive and of these, one enhances the memory while the other one contributes to energy and vitality. Cancer and other chronic diseases are caused by “poor resistance”, that is, by abnormalities in immune system.
Fresh vegetables and fruit juices can quickly clean away excessive acidic waste in the body and replenish the body with minerals and vitamins.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vegetarian Foods Prepared for Chinese New Year 农历新年应节食品

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year which falls on 3rd of February, my wife is preparing some home-made vegetarian foods not only for our own consumption but also to be sold to friends. Here are some examples of the foods that made by her:-
1)      Vegetarian “fish”
It’s made of bean curd sheets, tofu and seaweed. My wife has sold some of her products to her friends and she has received more and more demands.

2)      Fried seaweed
My children like this crispy food very much and I think most of us also like to eat it. My wife has too sold this product to her friends.

3)      “One bottle of gold”
Ha ha, I don’t know how to name this crispy biscuit but its colour looks like gold, and since we contain it in the bottle, so my wife suggested naming it “one bottle of gold”. The filling of this food is monkey head mushroom floss which is a very nutritious food.

4)      Eggless honeycomb biscuit
Since my whole family became vegetarians 12 years, we had not eaten a single honeycomb biscuit as it contains egg. But now we have a chance to taste it again because my wife has successfully made eggless honeycomb biscuit. This is the first time my wife making this biscuit and its appearance may not seem good. Anyway my wife will try the second time and may consider selling it.

5)      Coconut candy
As you know, most of the kids like to eat candies and sweets, so do my kids. The candies and sweets sold at the shops mostly contain artificial colouring and other chemicals. So, it is safer to eat this coconut candy as it is made of fresh coconut milk. My wife has sold it to her friend too and the remaining is for our own consumption.

6) Vegetarian "chicken"
    I don't like to use this word of "chicken" but I have no other choice to name it. It's a delicious food made of bean curd sheets too. My wife is good in cooking Hainanese "Chicken" rice and she has been invited to prepare this food for certain function.

My wife is actually good in cooking and making all sorts of foods, so she has suggested to one of her friends to joint venture in this business next year, good or good?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Healing power of music

Most of us like to listen to music, especially those relaxing, soothing and healing music. Music is processed in the right hemisphere of the brain but how does it affect our body and brain?
There are different neurons that respond according to what kind of music is played to us. Music can affect hormone, encourage the production of cortisone and testosterone. Music can also release dopamine, a chemical substance that is released by our brain when we are eating or having a lot of money.
Stress has a negative effect on body. It can cause the blood vessels to become rigid, which does not allow the blood to flow freely. Arteries can be hardened and blood pressure can be raised too. Stress can affect our immune system as well, which people who are stressed tend to get sick often. Stress can even lead to anxiety and depression.
But calm music has positive effects on body; it can make us feel great! When our mood improves, the stress is chased away. While we are listening to our favorite music, our blood vessel is relaxed and opened up. It also produced chemicals that help protect the heart. Therefore, listening to music consistently can improve our health.
Beyond the biology and the actual responses of our bodies, there are definite responses of our mind as well. There are different components to music that can have an effect. Pitch, harmony, frequency, melody, and rhythm all affect the brain in different ways. Many musical therapy experts recommend making music a part of our daily lives, because its effects can improve with time. Our language skills, creativity, happiness and memory, can improve with regular musical therapy over the time.
Beside the benefits of listening to music as mentioned above, other benefits are as follows:
  • Building new neural pathway growth - increase in our brain power 
  • Balancing the brain's electrical activity - whole brain functioning 
  • Releasing positive brain chemicals other than dopamine, such as DHEA and Serotonin 
  • Balancing our emotions
  • Regulating our sleep cycles 
1. Reiki - mind body & soul

2.Reiki healing and chakras

3. Reiki healing music

Friday, January 21, 2011

Milk detoxification program in 7 days七日牛奶排毒法

The method is very simple:
Just stop taking any dairy products (including cheese, ice cream, chocolate, yogurt, etc.) in 7 days.
Once you do so, about 4 liters of mucous membrane will be discharged from your kidneys, spleen, pancreas and other parts of your body. You will feel like your whole body has been cleaned up after this cleansing process.
Most people need only seven days for milk detoxification program. You would be able to differentiate the differences before and after this program, whether it is physically or mentally, such as sleep better, more energetic, emotionally more stable, etc.
Why not challenge yourself for this detoxification program, after all you would have healthier body at the end of the program?
You should record carefully and compare the changes of your health conditions before and after the program.
If you suspect the changes of your health conditions, or you think that this is just a coincidence, then if you are brave enough, re-intake the milk dairy products, by drinking milk or ordering some pizza or enjoying some ice cream. Within 15 hours after re-consuming the diary products, you would be suffering the old illness that you had suffered before, for sure!

只要在短短的七天內,完全不攝取牛奶跟乳製品即可(包含起士、 冰淇淋、巧克力、優酪乳等).
只要這麼做, 大約四公升的黏膜就會從您的腎臟、脾臟、胰臟、還有其他的部位排出 ! 您會發現身體內部好比做了一場大掃除
大部分的人只要進行七天牛奶排毒計畫,都能很快發現到明顯的不同, 無論是身體或是心理的狀態,比如睡的比較安穩、比較有精神、情緒比較穩定等
挑戰一下自己,只要七天就可以讓自己煥然一新,何樂而不為? 您可以仔細的記錄好與不好的過程與變化來做比較。
大可以在七天牛奶排毒計畫後開始攝取奶類製品。喝喝牛奶, 些比萨 ,享受一下冰淇淋。在十五個小時內,保證不舒服的老毛病都會回來!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light Society Malaysia 马来西亚琉璃光养生世界

Lapis Lazuli Light Society Malaysia had moved to Bangsar Baru on 2nd January 2011 and it’s behind McDonald’s and in front of BHP petrol station. The address of the centre is as follows:
Tel: 03-2283 6220
Fax:03-2283 6230
The working hours of the centre are from 10.00am to 5.00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays and it is closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: total health of body, mind & spirit (琉璃光-身心灵整体健康)

The concept of total health of body, mind and spirit:-

Body 身体
Emotions 情绪
Wisdom 智慧
Environment 环境
Thoughts 思想
One’s with high-state of spiritual mind is able to comprehend the profound meaning & the truth of the universe 灵性高者,智慧特强, 可深远的了解宇宙生命真相
High energy foods 高能量食物

The implementation of total health of Body, Mind & Spirit:-
-          Eat the RIGHT food
-          A natural, partly raw clean diet is the basis of a healthful lifestyle
-          Nature is both cleansing and nourishing. One wishes to stay healthy in body & mind needs to visit nature more frequently
-          Cultivate the body & mind through meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga and Visualization practices are the best ways to release negative emotion and relax the distracted mind.
-          Be generous & do good deeds, be thankful and forgiving, praying and repenting. Do not kill and be compassionate thus to improve one’s inner communication.
–      通过正确的饮食
-        锻炼身心,静坐,气功,瑜伽,观想的锻炼可安住散乱的心
-        行善,祷告,祝福,忏悔,以不杀为根本,增长慈悲心,提高灵性

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light – its founder Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai (雷久南博士,琉璃光养生世界创办人)

The founder of Lapis Lazuli Light, Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Chemistry from M.I.T. She did cancer research at the University of Texas M.D Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute for ten years. She lectures frequently around the world on cancer prevention and treatment. Dr. Lai promotes the concept of total health of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person as well as the environment. A person’s health depends on the health of the planet. She combines the essence of Chinese and Western medical knowledge in her thirty years of study and research to teach people how to prevent and deal with sickness. In response to many requests from individuals and organizations for information on healing, Lapis Lazuli Light, a global information network, was created in 1993. Within a short time, the network has spread to various states of the U.S, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. Lapis Lazuli Light publishes a quarterly magazine ( and various books on total health.
Books by Chiu-Nan Lai:
-          The Pursuit of Life, Total Health of Body, Mind and Spirit (English and Chinese)
-          Dr. Lai’s Recommended Diet (English and Chinese)
-          100 Questions and Answers on Total Health (Chinese)
-          Restoring the Bliss of the Body (Chinese)
-          Restoring the Bliss of Mind (Chinese)
-          Dr. Lai’s Health Tips (English and Chinese)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life liberation on Port Klang sea 巴生港口放生记

On 8th January 2011, Saturday morning, we, altogether about 150 members went to Port Klang for life liberation of sea creatures. We rented 2 passenger boats and 2 fishing boats, sailed on the sea for a few sea miles away from the jetty.

The purpose of practising life liberation is to give the priceless gifts of fearlessness (from being killed), freedom (from captivity) and the Dharma (by connecting them to the Triple Gem through chanting sutra and mantra and taking refuge for them).

Many people may object this practice of life liberation. Some people may claim that this practice is carried out intentionally and meaningless. Some may blame that by practising life liberation will encourage more animals to be caught; others may emphasize that during the process of life liberation, some animals will be caused to death. Well, despite all these negative comments, we actually bought the sea creatures before they were sent to markets and sold to consumers. Even if the sea creatures died during the life liberation, it’s still better than being slaughtered and eaten by human beings.

What are the benefits of life liberation?
The merits from life liberation are varied and boundless. Here are some:-
1. One will be unharmed by war or die by violence.
2. One will attain longevity and healthiness with few illnesses.
(Many pains and illnesses come from the karma of killing.)
3. One will be unharmed by natural disasters and accidents.
4. One will have abundant offspring for future generations.
5. One will easily attain what one wishes.
6. One will prosper in official positions without obstacles.
7. One will be a source of gratitude to other beings and a source of joy to the Buddhas.
8. One will dissolve vengeance, and vanquish evil influences and worries.
9. One will experience joy and peacefulness in all seasons.
10. One will be easier reborn in Pureland.
(With practices of developing faith and aspiration, practising repentance, vegetarianism and single-minded chanting of Buddha’s name.)

Shells for life liberation
Crabs for life liberation
Chanting session for life liberation
Fishes were being liberated
Shells were being liberated
Crabs were being liberated

May All Beings Help All Beings to Be Free of Fear & Danger.
May All Beings Help All Beings to Swiftly Attain Enlightenment.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Wisdom Quotes (梭巴仁波切智慧名言)

1All the healing power comes from our mind, mainly from our faith. 所有疗愈力都来自心-主要是信心

2) Compassion is the best healer. 悲心是最好的治疗师。

3) Desire is the source of all problems. 欲望是一切问题的根源。

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