1) Lapis Lazuli Light – its founder Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai (雷久南博士,琉璃光养生世界创办人)The founder of Lapis Lazuli Light, Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Chemistry from M.I.T. She did cancer research at the University of Texas M.D Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute for ten years. She lectures frequently around the world on cancer prevention and treatment. Dr. Lai promotes the concept of total health of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person as well as the environment. A person’s health depends on the health of the planet. She combines the essence of Chinese and Western medical knowledge in her thirty years of study and research to teach people how to prevent and deal with sickness. In response to many requests from individuals and organizations for information on healing, Lapis Lazuli Light, a global information network, was created in 1993. Within a short time, the network has spread to various states of the U.S, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. Lapis Lazuli Light publishes a quarterly magazine ( and various books on total health.
Books by Chiu-Nan Lai:
-          The Pursuit of Life, Total Health of Body, Mind and Spirit (English and Chinese)
-          Dr. Lai’s Recommended Diet (English and Chinese)
-          100 Questions and Answers on Total Health (Chinese)
-          Restoring the Bliss of the Body (Chinese)
-          Restoring the Bliss of Mind (Chinese)
-          Dr. Lai’s Health Tips (English and Chinese)

2) Lapis Lazuli Light: total health of body, mind & spirit (琉璃光-身心灵整体健康)
The concept of total health of body, mind and spirit:-

Body 身体
Emotions 情绪
Wisdom 智慧
Environment 环境
Thoughts 思想
One’s with high-state of spiritual mind is able to comprehend the profound meaning & the truth of the universe 灵性高者,智慧特强, 可深远的了解宇宙生命真相
High energy foods 高能量食物

The implementation of total health of Body, Mind & Spirit:-
-          Eat the RIGHT food
-          A natural, partly raw clean diet is the basis of a healthful lifestyle
-          Nature is both cleansing and nourishing. One wishes to stay healthy in body & mind needs to visit nature more frequently
-          Cultivate the body & mind through meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga and Visualization practices are the best ways to release negative emotion and relax the distracted mind.
-          Be generous & do good deeds, be thankful and forgiving, praying and repenting. Do not kill and be compassionate thus to improve one’s inner communication.
-        锻炼身心,静坐,气功,瑜伽,观想的锻炼可安住散乱的心
-        行善,祷告,祝福,忏悔,以不杀为根本,增长慈悲心,提高灵性

3) Lapis Lazuli Light Society Malaysia 马来西亚琉璃光养生世界
Lapis Lazuli Light Society Malaysia had moved to Bangsar Baru on 2nd January 2011 and it’s behind McDonald’s and in front of BHP petrol station. The address of the centre is as follows:
Tel: 03-2283 6220
Fax:03-2283 6230
The working hours of the centre are from 10.00am to 5.00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays and it is closed on Mondays and public holidays.

4) Lapis Lazuli Light: Why eat raw foods? 生食的好处
Fresh foods are rich in enzymes. Enzymes help to breakdown larger molecules, such as starch and fat. Enzymes become inactive with heat, above 60oC or 140oF. Cooked foods are lack of enzymes, and therefore cannot be fully digested. The residues remain in the intestine will be rotten. Eating only cooked food over long periods can cause the growth of all kinds of tumors.
Out of twenty amino acids in foods, eight are essential to maintain life. Two are heat sensitive and of these, one enhances the memory while the other one contributes to energy and vitality. Cancer and other chronic diseases are caused by “poor resistance”, that is, by abnormalities in immune system.
Fresh vegetables and fruit juices can quickly clean away excessive acidic waste in the body and replenish the body with minerals and vitamins.

5) Lapis Lazuli Light: Vegetarian diet & the health of the planet
Earth now has limited resources, especially fossil fuel, fertile soil and clean water. We also know that there are many people who do not have enough foods to eat. Is this due to lack of foods or poor distribution? The issue is not lack of foods but a waste of the planet’s resources. Using grains to feed cattle, sheep and hogs is very wasteful. On the average it takes seven pounds of grains to get one pound of meat. Beef is even more wasteful. One pound of beef requires 16 pounds of soy beans.
In order to increase crop yields, large quantities of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used. This not only pollutes the soil, but also uses fossil fuel (Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are by-products of fossil fuel). At the same time, poisoned fertile soil cannot regenerate. Every year much topsoil is lost. As production decreases every year, more and more chemical fertilizers are used, causing a vicious cycle.
Water is another precious resource. Water for drinking and farming becomes scarcer every year. The production of meat uses a lot of water. One pound of beef takes 2500 gallons of water, and one pound of soy bean takes only 1/10 to 1/3 of that. Fifty percent of water consumption in the U.S is used for meat production. Our dietary habits on a small scale affect our health, while on the large scale, the health of our life support system, the EARTH. Therefore, we should give it serious thought and adopt vegetarian diet in our daily lives in order to resolve the above crises.

6)Lapis Lazuli Light: Natural Vegetarian Food Is The Best Medicine天然素食是最佳良药

When an agricultural society becomes an industrial society, not only lifestyle has been changed, but food habits have also been changed drastically. In the past, meat and fish were available only during special occasions; but now they are eaten every day. White sugar used to be a luxury food, now it can be bought anytime. Brown rice and whole wheat are replaced with white rice and white flour. In a short twenty to thirty years, these diet changes have affected health conditions in general. Heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, excess weight and premature aging are now common. It has now been proven that proper vegetarian food not only can prevent disease but can also cure disease.
Henry Bieler, M.D., wrote in his book “Food is Your Best Medicine”: “Allopathic medicine invariably has side effect. Food, on the other hand does not have this problem.” His recommendation for food is to eat more fresh vegetables and whole grains, and to avoid refined foods and meat.

 7) Lapis lazuli light: Refined sugar and molasses白糖与糖蜜

Refined Sugar
Sugar is not only responsible for tooth-decay, but robs vitamin B from the body, disturbs calcium metabolism, and has a deleterious effect of the nervous system. Doctors have found that children who are allowed to have all the sweets they want become irritable and nervous. Once the sweets are removed, they are again well-behaved and poised. In the world of adults, nervousness, periodic depression, suspicion and even nervous breakdowns can be attributed to the eating of sugar. One of the most popular “myths” regarding sugar is the belief that it is an “energy food”. Actually, white sugar is not a food, but a catalyst for burning what the body already has. Its effect on the body is very much like that of alcohol.
Molasses: It is the by-product of making white sugar.
Sugar cane is actually a grass, nutritious if eaten whole. In the making of white sugar, all the nutritious parts, vitamins and minerals are concentrated in the molasses, including vanadium. Vanadium can help the breakdown of cholesterol. Those with high cholesterol can take one tablespoonful of molasses per day.


8) Lapis Lazuli Light: Refined salt 精盐(白盐)

Is refined salt suitable for seasoning?
All the organic sodium chlorides the body needs can be found in raw vegetables. Salt not only slows down the digestion, but also increases the burden on the kidney. Varicose veins and hardening of arteries are the results of an excessive intake of salt.
Natural sea salt is a substitute for refined salt
Natural sea salt contains 92 kinds of important dietary minerals, classified as trace elements, which can pass through human body’s membrane and cell wall freely, therefore they can be absorbed easily by the human body, achieve balance of electrolyte, and have the effect of energizing body.


9) Lapis Lazuli Light: Miso – natural seasoning rich in vitamin B12 味噌

There are many varieties of miso, made of soybeans, barley, buckwheat or rice. It is rich in vitamin B12, one of the best sources for vegetarians. Miso also contains as enzyme that can help the body eliminate radioactive compounds.
During the Second World War, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the people at the Macrobiotic hospital survived. The director told everyone to take miso straight, immediately after the bombing. The Catholic hospital next door had many casualties.
In order to utilize the enzyme, add miso just before serving. It can replace salt or soy sauce for seasoning.

味噌(豆瓣酱)- 天然调味,含有丰富的B12
10.Lapis Lazuli Light: Eggs raise blood cholesterol and promote heart disease被过分宣传的蛋
At the University of Minnesota, scientists found that a diet with 380mg of egg yolk cholesterol per day caused an average blood cholesterol level 16mg higher than a diet with only 50mg cholesterol.
At the Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Mark Hegstead achieved similar results, found that each 100mg of egg yolk cholesterol raised blood cholesterol levels in adult men an average of four to five mg.
A 12% rise in blood cholesterol level amounts to a 24% rise in heart attack risk.
在所有的食品当中,蛋的胆固醇是最高的。在明尼苏达大学,科学家们发现含有三百八十毫克蛋黄胆固醇的一天分饮食,会使得平均血胆固醇比只含五十毫克胆固醇的饮食高十六毫克。哈佛大学公共卫生学系的Dr. Mark Hegstead发现每一百毫克的蛋黄胆固醇,会使一个成年男人的血胆固醇增加约四到五毫克。

11) How to choose what the body needs?如何选择自己身体所需要的食物?

Our earliest nutritionist was our nose and tongue. When we smelled foods that were needed, we would salivate. We would also find the food to be delicious. After we had enough, the taste of the food would change. Sometimes the difference is in just one bite.
However, later with the introduction of food processing, heating and seasoning, our basic sense of smell and taste became very confused. We lost the ability to determine what our bodies needed. Even though we eat a lot, it is not necessarily what our bodies need. It is not surprise that the sickness follows.
Therefore, we have to eat natural foods that are without artificial ingredients or without food processing, in order to recover our natural abilities of smelling and tasting. We may not reinstate our abilities overnight, but improvement will definitely be achieved after some times.



12) Lapis Lazuli Light: Rainbow colours蓝光让我们拥有无条件爱心
The rainbow colours of sunlight have a beneficial effect on emotions, and can also activate hidden potentials. A sunny blue sky has a completely different effect on our feelings than a cloudy grey sky.

The blue colour of the sky helps us to let go. It is also the colour of unconditional love, dispelling negative emotions. It can help to resolve human conflict.
To visualize blue, first look at the blue sky, then close your eyes and recall the colour. One can use also photos of blue sky or blue gem stones. People living in cities see grayish blue sky, not the true blue of natural sky.

Imagine breathing blue light into the nervous system from head to toe. Allow every cell to be infused with blue light. To clear unhappy memories of life experiences or people, visualize blue light while remembering. Only a few minutes of visualization are sufficient.
13)Lapis Lazuli Light: The use of colour颜色的妙用

The colours of sunlight can activate hidden potential, stimulate creativity, imagination, subdue negative emotions and enhance positive emotions.

Red                        : for pioneering spirit, freedom, leadership quality.
Sky blue                 : love, patience, unconditional love
Yellow                    : joy, organization
Green                     : healing, growth and prosperity
Orange                   : self-confidence, wisdom, courage
Purple-violet          : emotional healing, intuition, inspiration
Indigo                    : protection, oneness of all life.

Practice colour visualization by recalling the orange of sunset, red of rose, blue of the sky, yellow of lemon, green of pine trees. Through water colouring, gemstones, being with nature, one will develop colour sensitivities. For example, one will learn to differentiate the different subtle shades of green of nature.

红色      :增加创业、自在和领导能力。
天蓝色 :加强慈悲、忍辱和无条件的爱心。
黄色      :   加强喜悦、组织能力。
绿色      :增长康复、成长和福气。
橘红色 :加强自信心、智慧和气。
紫红色 :协助情绪康复、增加灵感和直觉感。
墨蓝色 :有保护作用,体会万物为一体。


14) Lapis Lazuli Light: Harmonizing Chi (Chakra Breathing)调气可以康复身体 
Emotions, thoughts and man-made electro-magnetic fields and chemical pollutants can all interfere with our energy levels, dragging us down. Chakras are the transformers of energy. Harmonizing chi combines visualizations and breathing to open and balance the chakras. It is helpful to release emotions and to clear residues of anesthetic.
1.       Bottom of the feet
Visualize on inhalation that the breath enters through the bottom of the left foot, goes up the leg and across the waist. On exhalation, the breath travels down the right leg and then goes out from the bottom of the right foot. Repeat 10 times (fig. 1).

2.       Bottom of the feet
Visualize on inhalation that the breath comes in through both feet to the heart. Upon exhalation, the breath goes back the same way, out from the bottom of the feet. Repeat 10 times (fig. 2).

3.       Knees
On inhalation, breathe in through the knees to the heart. On exhalation, breathe out through the knees. Repeat 10 times (fig 3).

4.       Root chakra
Breathe in through the Hui-Yin point (between urinary and rectum openings) to the heart. Breathe out through Hui-Yin point. Repeat 10 times (fig.4).

5.       Dan-Tian (Hara)
Breathe in through the lower abdomen to the heart. Breathe out from the heart back to the lower abdomen. Repeat 10 times (fig. 5).

6.       Navel Chakra
Breathe in through the solar plexus (just above the navel) to the heart. Breathe out through the solar plexus. Repeat 10 times (fig. 6).

7.       Heart Chakra
Breathe in through the heart and breathe out through the heart. Repeat 10 times (fig. 7).

8.       Throat Chakra
Breathe in through the indentation in the centre of the collar bone to the heart. Exhale through the throat chakra. Repeat 10 times (fig. 8).

9.       Eyebrow Chakra
Breathe in throw the fore head, in the middle of the eyebrows to the heart. Breathe out through the heart to the eyebrow chakra. Repeat 10 times (fig. 9).

10.   Crown Chakra
Breathe in through the top of the head to the heart, breathe out through the crown chakra. Repeat 10 times (fig. 10).

11.   Breathe in through the feet and through all the chakras and out from the crown. Repeat 3 times (fig. 11).

12.   Breathe in through the feet and the crown together to the heart. Breathe out from the heart to the feet and crown. Repeat 3 times (fig. 12).

15) 琉璃光:调气可以康复身体

1.       脚底:观想吸气时,气从左脚底进,横过后腰,从右腿下,再从右脚底吐气。重复做十次(图一)。

2.       观想吸气时,气从两脚底上,到心口,吐气时顺着原路下去,从脚底吐气。重复十次(图二)。

3.       膝盖:吸气时从膝盖进,到心口,吐气时从膝盖出。重复十次(图三)。

4.       海底轮:吸气时从会阴(肝门和尿道之间)进,到心口,吐气时从会阴出。重复十次(图四)。

5.       丹田:吸气时从小腹进,到心口,吐气时从心口下去,小腹出。重复十次(图五)。

6.       脐轮:吸气时从肚脐稍上的地方吸,到心口,吐气时从脐轮出。重复十次(图六)。

7.       心轮:吸气时从心口吸,吐气时从心口吐。重复十次(图七)。

8.       喉轮:吸气时从胸颚骨处吸,到心口,吐气时从喉轮出。重复十次(图八)。

9.       眉心轮:吸气时从两眉之间吸,到心口,吐气时从眉心轮出。重复十次(图九)。

10.   顶轮:吸气时从头顶吸进,到心口,吐气时从头顶出。重复十次(图十)。

11.   吸气时,从脚底和所经过的光轮吸气,从头顶吐气。重复三次(图十一)。

12.   吸气时,从脚底和顶轮一起吸,到心口,吐气时从两头一起吐。重复三次(图十二)。

16) Lapis Lazuli Light: Quick, throw the ALUMINIUM POT away快把铝锅扔了
What are the symptoms of aluminium poisoning? The initial reaction is flatulence, upset stomach, constipation and tiredness. If continued, one will notice backache, pressure in the chest and depression. Over long term Exposure, it can lead to Alzeheimer’s disease. It is difficult to detect aluminium poisoning, because it shows up differently in different people. It will show up first in the weakest link, such as liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, heart, etc. It will also damage the nervous system.
Use of a aluminium cookware in heating water, rice and vegetables is not the only source of poisoning. Drinking aluminium canned beverages can also expose one to it. Usually, the symptoms are reduced within about two months after stopping intake of aluminium. Taking vitamin C can speed up the elimination.


17) Lapis Lazuli Light: The Effect Of Cooking Fuel On Food燃料对食物的影响

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in “Nutrition” compares the biological effect of water boiled in different cookware and using different cooking fuel. To test the effects of fuel on living systems, water was boiled in glassware for twenty minutes with different fuels. The water was then cooled to room temperature and used to water wheat seeds. The growth of wheat seedlings and roots was measured after ten days. The fuels used in the experiment were electricity, gas, coal, wood and straw. The control group was watered with unheated water. The results are as follows:

Wheatgrass grew the least with electrically boiled water, even less than unheated water. Gas flame-cooked water produced the next shortest sprouts, but similar to the control. Coal-cooked water produced slightly taller sprouts than gas flame-cooked water. Straw flame-cooked water produced the tallest sprouts, taller than wood flame-cooked water.

在赫思嘉博士(Dr. Rudolf Hauschka)所著《营养》(Nutrition) 一书中,说明炊具与燃料对生物的作用。实验方法是将水盛在玻璃器皿中,用不同的燃料煮沸二十分钟,然后将水冷却到室温,再用这种水来培植小麦芽,十天后测量麦苗和根的长度。

18) Lapis Lazuli Light: The Effect Of Cookware On Food炊具对食物的影响

Another experiment was carried out by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka to study the influence of cookware on the growth of wheatgrass using the water boiled from cookware made of different materials. The results are as follows:
Gold is the best. The water boiled from gold made cookware is the most beneficial to the growth of wheatgrass. Gold-plated spoons used for stirring food have a beneficial effect. Wooden spoons have similar effect.

From the result of the growth of wheatgrass, the cookware second to gold is clay pottery, followed by ceramic, enamel, glass, copper, iron, stainless steel; the worst is aluminium. Water boiled in aluminium pots inhibited the growth of wheatgrass.

为了观察不同炊具所煮出来的水对小麦草生长的作用,赫思嘉博士(Dr. Rudolf Hauschka)进行了一项实验,其结果如下:
19) Lapis Lazuli Light: Deep breathing releases negative emotions深呼吸纾解情绪
Breathing is controlled by the right brain stem. Stored negative emotions will interfere with breathing. One can also release negative emotions through regulated breathing.
Holding one’s breath is a sign of emotional accumulations. Breathing deeply will release emotions. To train to breathe deeply, start by lying down. Place a few books on the abdomen. When breathing in, breathe into the abdomen so it rises up. When breathing out, relax the abdomen and let the books press it down. Once one has mastered breathing in and out long and deep, then there is no need to use books. Practice while lying down, continue practicing while sitting, standing and walking, breathing deeply all
20) Lapis Lazuli Light: Gentle tapping轻拍纾解创伤

The most traumatic emotions are stored in the right brain stem, disconnected from conscious memory. Prenatal and birth traumas are often not remembered. One can use chakra breathing and gentle tapping to release. The sense of touch is connected to be right brain stem.
From the feet to legs, chest, back and head, gently tap everywhere. Focus your awareness on the body sensations. When there is a physical response such as shaking, heat or cold, or mental images, allow them to come and go. Do not repress the response. If the emotions become too intense, one can use eye rolling to release.
21)Lapis Lazuli Light: Healthful home住的健康

The ideal location for the home is far away from freeways, high voltage power lines, agricultural areas, golf courses (pesticide drift), industrial areas, T.V stations, radio stations and cell phone towers. Those who are currently ill can consider living temporarily in a clean, unpopulated area to see if the condition improves. This may facilitate finding the cause of the illness.

Avoid polluting indoor air
Some common sources of indoor pollution come from pesticides, termite fumigants, air fresheners, disinfectants, anti-fungal agents, cleaning agents, paint, synthetic carpet, propane and natural gas, T.V, microwave oven,computers, cell phones, electricity, etc.
Chemical and electromagnetic pollution are particularly injurious to children. It is best to prevent harm. Avoid or reduce the use of pollution producing products.

22) Lapis Lazuli Light: Healthful clothing 穿的健康

The energy or chi of the body is influenced by the environment, including what we wear and use on the body. It is best to wear washable natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and wool. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are toxic unless steam-cleaned.
Although synthetic fibers have bright colours and are easy to clean, they lower down our energy level. For those who are sensitive, they can induce depression. Look for organic cotton clothing whenever possible, it is good for the environment and increasing one’s energy.
Nylon stockings are made of synthetic material. Wearing them lowers down one’s energy. One will get tired easily.
The skin is the largest organ of the body. Anything that is applied on the skin will be absorbed into the body. Therefore extra care needs to be taken to avoid using perfume, chemical cosmetic and soap, chemical shampoo and hair dye.
穿在身上的 ——影响健康
23) Lapis Lazuli Light: Eye movements

The eyes are a major nerve center in the nervous system and the closest link to emotions and the astral body. Eye exercise can be effective in releasing emotions. The eye-rolling exercises came from Jack Schwarz.
When negative emotions arise, such as anger, sadness, anxiety, or remembering an event or person that offset these emotions, roll the eyes first to the right (clockwise) 3 times; then roll to the left (counter clockwise) many times until the emotions are released. By using this method before going to sleep one can release emotions from the day. A related method involves rapid eye movements back and forth to release emotions.
24)琉璃光: 眼睛转动,纾解压力
眼睛转动由Jack Schwartz所介绍。 当产生负面情绪,如愤怒、悲伤、焦虑,或是想到引发负面情绪的人或经历,可以同时将眼球向右(顺时钟)转三次,再向左转(逆时钟)转多次,直到情绪得到纾解。每晚睡前可用此法纾解一天的情绪。
25) Lapis Lazuli Light: Salt Bath Can Cleanse Aura 盐水澡,清气场
Salt water can cleanse the aura or energy field. The energy field can be polluted by coming into contact with a sick or distressed person. Natural sea salt or rock salt is the best. Dissolve one cup of salt in a tub of water. Be careful that the water is not to be too hot. Soak for 15 minutes. One can also soak when there is emotional distress. Apple cider vinegar has a similar effect. Just pour one cup of apple cider vinegar into a tub of hot water will do.

26) Lapis Lazuli Light: Removing the obstruction to open-heartedness

After repentance, then we should let go the burden, forgive oneself and others.
Anger and hatred are the major obstructions to open-heartedness. To transform them with patience does not mean repressing the emotions. From the perspective of the law of the universe, hatred can only harm us. Whatever is sent out comes back to us eventually.
To be happy and open-hearted, one has to give, especially to those that need us. “Helping others is the source of happiness”,when we are generously helping other, we will be very happy.
There is a common saying:”Contentment keeps one happy”. But when arrogance dominates, then one is dissatisfied and blames God and others. Discontentment brings unhappiness. Gratitude can change arrogance and discontentment.
To get the red eye when we see the success of others makes us most unhappy. The best treatment for “red-eye disease” is rejoicing, feeling happy for others’ success and good deeds.
“Equanimity” means to eliminate strong feelings of like and dislike. Ordinarily we love and happy with our own family and good friends. If we separate from them then we become very unhappy. Actually with an open heart we meet “families” everywhere, then we are happy all the time. To meet is to have connection.
27) 琉璃光:去除开心的障碍


28) Lapis Lazuli Light: What to eat 三餐吃什么

A natural, clean diet is the basis of a healthful lifestyle. Choose plant foods grown without pesticide by natural farming methods. All parts of the plants should be part of the diet: roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds and flowers. Sea vegetables and plants of all colours should be eaten.

One can add a little oil, such as olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower seed oil, or coconut oil. Cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oil are the best. Avoid oil extracted with chemicals. Whenever possible, use seasonal local product.

Root vegetables:

Carrots, beets, burdock, turnip, lily bulbs, sweet potato, lotus root, Chinese wild yam, ginseng, etc.

Stem vegetables:

Kohlrabi, celery, asparagus, bamboo shoots, water chestnut, horsetail, etc.

Leafy types of foods:

Spinach, cabbage, lettuce, Chinese greens, Napa cabbage, etc.

Flowers types of foods:

Broccoli, cauliflower, tiger lily, squash flower, chrysanthemum, rose petal, sweet olive flowers, etc.

Fruit types of foods:

All varieties of squash, beans, bell pepper, hot pepper, corn, eggplant, tomato, lycidium berries and all kinds of fruits like apples, oranges, pears, mangoes, etc.

Seed types of foods:

All grains, such as rice, wheat, millet, pearl barley, rye, barley, buckwheat, sesame, sunflower seeds, nuts, spices such as fennel, Sichuan pepper, black and white pepper, nutmeg, etc.


29) 琉璃光:三餐吃什么?















31) Lapis Lazuli Light: Different people require different foods

Those born in the winter

They have more “yin” or “cold” constitution. They prefer cold foods, salt, eggs, sugar, processed foods, soft and liquid foods. The recommendation for winter people is to eat less salt, avoid fasting, eat less of cold and raw foods. Eat more root vegetables, naturally sweet vegetables such as carrots, squash, sea vegetables, rice, millet and buckwheat, and hot soup with ginger.

Those born in the spring

They like sweets, milk products, fruits, salad, cakes and liquid. They should eat more of dried foods, dark green vegetables, less liquid, warm foods, quick stir-fried vegetables such as squash, brown rice, millet and buckwheat.

Summer-born people

They like meat, sugar, alcohol, fruits, fried foods, salt and spices and tend to overeat. These people should eat more of the fresh raw vegetables, sour fruits, corn, barley, sea vegetables, white vegetables, less oil and less food.

Those born in the autumn

They like simple food, salty taste, animal protein, coffee, bread and dry roasted foods. These people should eat more variety, moist foods, soup, sweet vegetables and hot foods. They should avoid cold drinks and cold foods.

32) 琉璃光:每一个人所需要的食物不一样









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