Saturday, January 19, 2013

1) Awakening to health & environment: preface

I was told that the shampoo contains carcinogenic substances many years ago. Therefore, I would check the ingredient of the shampoo whenever I buy shampoo. But unfortunately, I could not find any shampoo that does not contain carcinogen. Years later, I started to change my diet from meat eating to vegetarian and also started to look for animal component free daily necessities, such as vegetarian formula toothpaste and soap.

Today, many years later, I am very glad that I finally came across the products I am dreaming of, the products that made of natural ingredients which mostly are plant based that contain no cancer-causing chemicals. And this is in line with the needs of me being a vegetarian and environmental supporter.  It is environmental friendly product because the waste water created from our daily activities, such as bathing, washing of our hair, cloths & dishes and cleaning of toilet, etc, will not pollute our drains, rivers and oceans, and environmental hormones will not be formed too.

What is environmental hormone (also known as environmental estrogen)? It is a chemical pollutant resulted from the waste water containing chemical substance that flows into rivers and oceans and polluting the food chain or resulted from polluted air and water that eventually absorbed by our bodies. The treat of environmental hormones are believed to disrupt the endocrine system in humans and animals, has emerged as a worldwide environmental concern.  It could directly stimulate or inhibit the endocrine system and cause disorder of the endocrine system, thereby impeding the function of the reproductive and growth, and even triggering malignant tumor and extinction of creatures.

Chemical compounds that contain environmental hormones are found everywhere in daily life, around you and I, which is a threat to our health. The most commonly found is the incineration of waste that emits large amounts of highly toxic substances such as dioxin. It’s followed by estrogen making contraceptives. Third is the release of chemicals produced by the activities of human production and living, such as the usage of pesticide DDT, cleaning agents, detergents, cosmetics, thinner, blowing agents, food additives, anti-corrosion film in metal cans, instant noodles made of polystyrene, children used pacifiers, PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) in electrical appliances, electromagnetic pollution, car exhaust, etc.

In view of this, a U.S. entrepreneur transformed an originally MLM tea tree oil company to a company that produces and sells all-natural, chemical free environmentally friendly products in 1985. This company never advertised nor sold through intermediaries, just by word of mouth, which saves a lot of advertising costs and middleman commission. The money saved is to be given to the consumers / members in the forms of commissions and gifts; because of this the members are actually indirectly becoming the company's partners and continue enjoying better, cheaper and safer products.

Therefore, for your health, for our next generation, for our environment, it is time to change the brand. You do not have to pay extra money, what you have to do is just to convert your daily use products that contain chemicals / carcinogens  to a better, cheaper and safer products.

If you are interested or you need more information, do not be hesitate to either call me at 013-9225650 or email me at


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  3. I understand how you feel about our bodies but people need to advance themselves and if that means burning trees than be it

  4. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be helpful for too many people that are searching for this topic. Keep posting and keep this forum a great place to learn things.

  5. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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