Friday, January 14, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light – its founder Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai (雷久南博士,琉璃光养生世界创办人)

The founder of Lapis Lazuli Light, Chiu-Nan Lai, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Chemistry from M.I.T. She did cancer research at the University of Texas M.D Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute for ten years. She lectures frequently around the world on cancer prevention and treatment. Dr. Lai promotes the concept of total health of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person as well as the environment. A person’s health depends on the health of the planet. She combines the essence of Chinese and Western medical knowledge in her thirty years of study and research to teach people how to prevent and deal with sickness. In response to many requests from individuals and organizations for information on healing, Lapis Lazuli Light, a global information network, was created in 1993. Within a short time, the network has spread to various states of the U.S, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia. Lapis Lazuli Light publishes a quarterly magazine ( and various books on total health.
Books by Chiu-Nan Lai:
-          The Pursuit of Life, Total Health of Body, Mind and Spirit (English and Chinese)
-          Dr. Lai’s Recommended Diet (English and Chinese)
-          100 Questions and Answers on Total Health (Chinese)
-          Restoring the Bliss of the Body (Chinese)
-          Restoring the Bliss of Mind (Chinese)
-          Dr. Lai’s Health Tips (English and Chinese)

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