Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vegetarian Foods Prepared for Chinese New Year 农历新年应节食品

In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year which falls on 3rd of February, my wife is preparing some home-made vegetarian foods not only for our own consumption but also to be sold to friends. Here are some examples of the foods that made by her:-
1)      Vegetarian “fish”
It’s made of bean curd sheets, tofu and seaweed. My wife has sold some of her products to her friends and she has received more and more demands.

2)      Fried seaweed
My children like this crispy food very much and I think most of us also like to eat it. My wife has too sold this product to her friends.

3)      “One bottle of gold”
Ha ha, I don’t know how to name this crispy biscuit but its colour looks like gold, and since we contain it in the bottle, so my wife suggested naming it “one bottle of gold”. The filling of this food is monkey head mushroom floss which is a very nutritious food.

4)      Eggless honeycomb biscuit
Since my whole family became vegetarians 12 years, we had not eaten a single honeycomb biscuit as it contains egg. But now we have a chance to taste it again because my wife has successfully made eggless honeycomb biscuit. This is the first time my wife making this biscuit and its appearance may not seem good. Anyway my wife will try the second time and may consider selling it.

5)      Coconut candy
As you know, most of the kids like to eat candies and sweets, so do my kids. The candies and sweets sold at the shops mostly contain artificial colouring and other chemicals. So, it is safer to eat this coconut candy as it is made of fresh coconut milk. My wife has sold it to her friend too and the remaining is for our own consumption.

6) Vegetarian "chicken"
    I don't like to use this word of "chicken" but I have no other choice to name it. It's a delicious food made of bean curd sheets too. My wife is good in cooking Hainanese "Chicken" rice and she has been invited to prepare this food for certain function.

My wife is actually good in cooking and making all sorts of foods, so she has suggested to one of her friends to joint venture in this business next year, good or good?

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