Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life liberation on Port Klang sea 巴生港口放生记

On 8th January 2011, Saturday morning, we, altogether about 150 members went to Port Klang for life liberation of sea creatures. We rented 2 passenger boats and 2 fishing boats, sailed on the sea for a few sea miles away from the jetty.

The purpose of practising life liberation is to give the priceless gifts of fearlessness (from being killed), freedom (from captivity) and the Dharma (by connecting them to the Triple Gem through chanting sutra and mantra and taking refuge for them).

Many people may object this practice of life liberation. Some people may claim that this practice is carried out intentionally and meaningless. Some may blame that by practising life liberation will encourage more animals to be caught; others may emphasize that during the process of life liberation, some animals will be caused to death. Well, despite all these negative comments, we actually bought the sea creatures before they were sent to markets and sold to consumers. Even if the sea creatures died during the life liberation, it’s still better than being slaughtered and eaten by human beings.

What are the benefits of life liberation?
The merits from life liberation are varied and boundless. Here are some:-
1. One will be unharmed by war or die by violence.
2. One will attain longevity and healthiness with few illnesses.
(Many pains and illnesses come from the karma of killing.)
3. One will be unharmed by natural disasters and accidents.
4. One will have abundant offspring for future generations.
5. One will easily attain what one wishes.
6. One will prosper in official positions without obstacles.
7. One will be a source of gratitude to other beings and a source of joy to the Buddhas.
8. One will dissolve vengeance, and vanquish evil influences and worries.
9. One will experience joy and peacefulness in all seasons.
10. One will be easier reborn in Pureland.
(With practices of developing faith and aspiration, practising repentance, vegetarianism and single-minded chanting of Buddha’s name.)

Shells for life liberation
Crabs for life liberation
Chanting session for life liberation
Fishes were being liberated
Shells were being liberated
Crabs were being liberated

May All Beings Help All Beings to Be Free of Fear & Danger.
May All Beings Help All Beings to Swiftly Attain Enlightenment.

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  1. Hello 😀can I ask how do u rent a passenger boat har? Coz I m thinking of buying some crab for life liberation... but dunno the time and contact number of boat. Or i just randomly rent one when i reached there?
    Furthermore, do u have the exact location of the sea? Becoz i m going through grab car... haha thanks a lot!


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