Friday, January 21, 2011

Milk detoxification program in 7 days七日牛奶排毒法

The method is very simple:
Just stop taking any dairy products (including cheese, ice cream, chocolate, yogurt, etc.) in 7 days.
Once you do so, about 4 liters of mucous membrane will be discharged from your kidneys, spleen, pancreas and other parts of your body. You will feel like your whole body has been cleaned up after this cleansing process.
Most people need only seven days for milk detoxification program. You would be able to differentiate the differences before and after this program, whether it is physically or mentally, such as sleep better, more energetic, emotionally more stable, etc.
Why not challenge yourself for this detoxification program, after all you would have healthier body at the end of the program?
You should record carefully and compare the changes of your health conditions before and after the program.
If you suspect the changes of your health conditions, or you think that this is just a coincidence, then if you are brave enough, re-intake the milk dairy products, by drinking milk or ordering some pizza or enjoying some ice cream. Within 15 hours after re-consuming the diary products, you would be suffering the old illness that you had suffered before, for sure!

只要在短短的七天內,完全不攝取牛奶跟乳製品即可(包含起士、 冰淇淋、巧克力、優酪乳等).
只要這麼做, 大約四公升的黏膜就會從您的腎臟、脾臟、胰臟、還有其他的部位排出 ! 您會發現身體內部好比做了一場大掃除
大部分的人只要進行七天牛奶排毒計畫,都能很快發現到明顯的不同, 無論是身體或是心理的狀態,比如睡的比較安穩、比較有精神、情緒比較穩定等
挑戰一下自己,只要七天就可以讓自己煥然一新,何樂而不為? 您可以仔細的記錄好與不好的過程與變化來做比較。
大可以在七天牛奶排毒計畫後開始攝取奶類製品。喝喝牛奶, 些比萨 ,享受一下冰淇淋。在十五個小時內,保證不舒服的老毛病都會回來!

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