Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: Why eat raw foods? 生食的好处

Fresh foods are rich in enzymes. Enzymes help to breakdown larger molecules, such as starch and fat. Enzymes become inactive with heat, above 60oC or 140oF. Cooked foods are lack of enzymes, and therefore cannot be fully digested. The residues remain in the intestine will be rotten. Eating only cooked food over long periods can cause the growth of all kinds of tumors.
Out of twenty amino acids in foods, eight are essential to maintain life. Two are heat sensitive and of these, one enhances the memory while the other one contributes to energy and vitality. Cancer and other chronic diseases are caused by “poor resistance”, that is, by abnormalities in immune system.
Fresh vegetables and fruit juices can quickly clean away excessive acidic waste in the body and replenish the body with minerals and vitamins.

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