Wednesday, October 27, 2010


1. More Natural Food, Less Meat
Every gram of meat contains 100,000 to 90,000,000 bacteria which could not be completely destroyed by cooking. Nowadays, animals are raised in animal factories where animals are fed antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals. In other words, animals are being treated as meat-machines.
In fact, we can get all our required nutrition from natural food such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and sea-vegetables.

2. Brown Rice Not White Rice
Plants provide a complete source of nutrition. For example, whole grains offer low fat, high quality protein, sugar and fiber. It is an important source of our daily energy. In the process of refinement from whole grains to white rice or white flour, bran and germ will be eliminated. The main nutrients are lost and only carbohydrates are left.

3. Molasses Rather Than White Sugar
When sugar cane is made into refined sugar or white sugar, all other minerals and nutrients are left in the molasses which are the by-products of this process. White sugar is harmful to our body because it will discharge vitamin from our body, destroy the regenerative process of calcium and adversely affect the nervous system.

4. Avoid MSG
MSG is harmful to our bodies. It causes dizziness , headache, high blood pressure, shock and so on, the Americans named these the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome". In U.S, MSG is generally not allowed to be used in their restaurants, so you can imagine how harmful is the MSG!

5. Take Sea Salt Rather Than Refined Salt
Vegetable and sea salt contain organic salt that is needed for human body. However, most of the salt we see has been processed (excluding Celtic sea salt). Refined salt consists of chemical, preservatives and other additives, which not only cause indigestion, but also increase the burden on the kidney. This will lead to arteriosclerosis, swollen veins and other diseases.

6. Avoid Cow Milk
Cow milk is the root cause for respiratory problems, tuberculosis, asthma, etc. These symptoms arise because the body is unable to discharge the mucus produced by cow milk. Cow milk contains 3 times more casein than human milk and thus is only suitable for calves. Casein is also used to produce super glue for the furniture industry. In addition, cow milk contains large amount of protein. In order to digest lactose and casein from protein, a special enzyme is needed. This type of enzyme will not be produced by human body after the age of three or four. When the amount of protein intake increases, more calcium will be lost from our bones, and the bone structures become fragile and loose. Therefore, milk consumption increases the chance of contracting osteoporosis.

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