Friday, October 29, 2010


Five years after writing "Casual Conversation on Cancer Therapy", my basic approach to cancer remains unchanged. The only difference is more experience and additional information, particularly in relation to the emotional and spiritual factors in the development of sickness.

In November of 1989, I visited Grenole, France and learned about a cancer treatment center focused on the psychological aspects of cancer. The center utilizes the approach discovered by Dr. R.G Hamer, a German doctor based in Cologne. Patients are helped through talking, and resolving inner conflicts and shocks. Dr. Ham has found that inner conflicts and shocks are the main trigger that sets off cancer. In 1979 after his son was murdered, both he and his wife came down with cancer. He was a specialist in cancer, the experience taught him that cancer can be triggered through the mind, and the development stage can be very short. He reversed his own cancer after resolving his inner conflicts. He discovered that his patients also experienced some form of shock or inner conflict combined with inabililty to talk about it (or had no one who should listen) before the onset of cancer. The patients were helped through talking it out and through finding specific solutions to the problem. Depending on the nature of the shock or conflict, lesions in the brain would appear, followed by the detection cancer in the corresponding organs. For example, cancer of the left breast is related to conflict between mother and child. The right side is related to conflict with others. Cancer of the colon is related more to "territorial" conflict at work, such as areas of responsibility and control. Cancer of the lung is more related to fear of death; liver with anger, bitterness and resentment. Over all he collected 10,000 cases.

In the treatment of cancer, Dr. Hamer uses the approaches of talking, letting the patient talk it out, and of resolving conflicts. I met a woman in France with cancer of both breast which had metastasized throughout the body. Before the onset of disease, one of her sons has tried to commit suicide, one had an explosion at home, and the third son had also had problems. Then she had a fight with her husband. Soon afterwards she developed cancers in both breasts that spread throughout the body.

As the saying goes:"In life, eight or nine times out of ten things do not go as we wish". When conflicts or problems arise, it is important not to repress. Whenever possible, talk it out among friend and family. If it is a situation or problem without a ready made solution, one can use the method of thought transformation to face it. Some of the folk sayings of China are really the wisdom of thousands of years:"lose money, reduce trouble","life and death have their own courses, riches and positions are up to heaven". If one understands karma, one would realize:"You harvest squash if you planted seed of squash, and harvest beans after planting beans". To have all go well, one must "refrain from all evil, do all that is good". At the same time one should repent past wrong doings. Further, life is like a dream; everything is changing all the time. What is the use of getting suck on the sharp end of the horns of the bull ? What is the use of getting overwhelmed with anger? Think, where are the hero of the bygone days? One will calm down after thinking things through. At the same time, one should accumulate as much positive energy as possible, helping others in whatever way one can. To extend one's life, it is important to not kill, and to save as many lives as possible. The number saved should be at the least same as one's age; the more the better.

P/S: May you be well and healthy. May you help yourself by helping others first, whether human beings or animals.

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