Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is the most complete and perfect food in the century. It is also known as "The Medicine of Longevity and Youth" or "The Father of Food".

It is nurtured by processing the seeds so that it will produce buddy sprouts. Bean sprouts refer to the budding sprouts of beans, grains or vegetable seeds.

Bean sprouts contain a lot of anti-oxidation chemicals such as vitamins A (the carrots element), different types of vitamin B, C, E, chlorophyll, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, selenium, anti-oxidation enzymes and others which can help to neutralize the residual chemical poisoning in our body.

Bean sprouts can be digested and absorbed easily. It also contains high nutritious values by six to ten times, vitalize the enzymes resulting in the conversion of protein into peptone, while the starch will be converted into monosaccharides. The vitamins will increase from three to twelve times. Besides, the minerals will be converted so that they can easily be digested and absorbed.

There are some seeds which can increase the amount of vitamin C by seven times in the first three days of sprouting. The content is much higher than that of lemon juice.

Eating bean sprouts is one hundred percent safe. It is the food which is nurtured by the nature and does not contain pesticide, chemical fertilizer and bacteria from the earth. It is also not polluted by outer atmosphere and does not bring any harm. It is indeed a 'complete-perfect' food. Some people call it: "The Medicine for Longevity and Youth".

Bean sprouts contain peptone monosaccharides, enzymes and others. It will supply us with energy and vitality swiftly. Beside having high nutritious values, it is also the cheapest type of vegetables. Therefore, everybody whether you are rich or poor will be benefited from consuming this high nutritious vegetable.

Below is the video showing how to grow bean sprouts:
how to grow bean sprouts

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