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1) BODY CLEANSING - External

The skin is a organ for elimination of poisons. It reflects the energy of lungs. Since lungs and large intestine are paired energetically, the skin also reflects the health and cleanliness of the large intestine. A clean colon results in clear skin. Skin eruptions are the body's attempt to eliminate posions not taken care of by the lungs and the large intestine.

Not only the skin needs cleaning, but also the energy field, or aura. Therefore, different baths and showers are introduced as follows for cleaning the body:

a) Dry Brushing

A natural fiber skin brush or luffa is used to brush gently the surface of the skin. The brushing removes dead skin stimulates circulation. This step removes the need to use soap. Brush towards the direction of the colon area.

b) Hot and Cold Shower

This is an invigorating shower, stimulating the circulation and increasing resistance to cold weather. Turn on first hot shower for two to three minutes followed by thirty seconds of cold water. Initially slowly turn off the water so the temperature gradually turn from hot to cold. To keep the body heat, keep palms under the arm-pit and stay in motion to keep warm. Then turn the water back to hot for another two to three minutes. Repeat the hot and cold cycle a total of three times. This was taught by Dr. Tom of California. Apparently within one week people will not be sensitive to cold.

c) Aura-cleaning Shower

The "dirt" clinging onto energy fields are as noticeable. They are usually negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, etc. Colour visualization can be used to clean them. While taking the shower, visualize water as the colour turquoise and cleaning all the dirt from the aura.

d) Vinegar Bath

The vinegar bath is also good for cleaning the aura. Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to half a tub of hot water. Soak for twenty minutes.

e) Epsom Salt Bath

Soak in a tub of water where three to four pounds of Epsom Salt has been added. This is very good to pull out the toxins from the skin.

f) Sea Salt and Baking Soda Bath

This combination has been recommended to remove radiation from the body. Good to do after a flight or radiation treatments. Soak in a tub of hot water with one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda for twenty minutes. For those who had radiation treatment, repeat once a week for several months.

2) BODY CLEANSING - Internal

Colon is the main organ of elimination. It can become a toxic waste dump if regularity is not maintained. A diet of mostly cooked food causes the colon to accumulate waste product, anywhere from five pounds to twenty five pounds or even more. Skin and other health problems can result from the reabsorption of waste matter.

To keep the colon healthy and clean, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and regular exercise are essential. The following are some aids in clearing the colon of waste material.

a) Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is a white powder found in the vicinity of volcanic eruptions. It has extremely absorptive power. Make a solution of it by adding clay to water and not the reverse. The proportion is about one ounce to one cup of water. Store in a jar. Mix one table spoon of the suspension and mix in a glass of water and take first thing in the morning. Take another one table spoon straight in the evening at dinner. Do this for two to three weeks. This procedure can be repeated every year or every few years.

b) Colon Irrigation or Colonics

Colon is like a 5 feet long pipe, after using for a long period, a sludge is often developed along the internal surface of colon. Cleaning the colon of old sludge takes a procedure known as colon irrigation. Water is flushed in repeatedly like an enema with the aid of a machine. Dr. Norman Walker recommends a regular cleaning twice a year. The procedure takes about an hour and is conducted by an experienced person with colon therapy training.
(Warning: Don't apply this method by your own.)

c) Liver Flush

The following is given by Jack Schwartz to clean out the liver toxin. Mix 1/2 cup of warm water with juice of one lemon, one table spoon of molasses, one tea spoon of olive oil and dash of cayenne pepper. Take first thing in the morning. Continue for ten days.

d) Water - The Ultimate Body Cleanser

From time to time, it will be beneficial to give the digestive system a rest and take only water. This is known as fasting. It allows stagnant waste matters to flush out of the body. One should choose spring, filtered or distilled water for fasting. One to three days of fasting can be done by almost anyone. For longer fast, it is best to do so under guidance of someone experienced. A long water fast is not recommended for those in a very weak condition, but alternate with juice fast.

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