Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MEAT - The Chief Assailant Of Human's Body

There are nitrogen, carcass poisoning, cholesterol, uric acid, urine elements, the infection of poisonous diseases, chemical poisonings, DDT poisoning, antibiotics poisoning, the decaying and death of cells which are in infected by the meat compound.

Eating meat will lead to the hardening of the blood vessels, the growth of stones in the kidney and gall-bladder, coronary disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, the hardening of the liver, cancer, obese, pancreatitis, the inflammation of joints, haemorrhoids, the diseases of intenstines and stomach, osteoporosis, fatigue, the mad-cow disease (Bovine Disease), the swelling and crookedness of the vein vessels, Diverticulum, Salmonella (food poisoning caused by bateria infection) ulcer in the stomach and intestines, low sugar level, the hardening of the arteries and lots of other diseases....

Meat contains lots of uric acid and urine elements which will burden the function of the kidney. It may lead to kidney sickness such as rheumatism and the inflammation of the joints.

Constipation is caused by taking meat which is lack of fibre and the over absorption of the residual of meat in the long intestine. The digestive system of a man who eats too much meat is unable to digest the food completely. The meat that remains in the intestine decays and produces poisonous elements and therefore, it leads to diseases. The blood is contaminated with these poisonous elements from decaying meat. If a man enjoys eating half-cooked meat, then he has a greater chance to get infected with diseases. Xantin is one of the poisonous elements which is found in meat. It has the power to regenerate itself. The intestine of meat eater consist of bacteria which dislikes oxygen and due to the prolongation of residual meat in the intestine, intestine cancer will be formed.

Meat contains high percentage of cholesterol. Therefore, by taking meat in daily diet, the health of middle age and old people has seriously been affected and this has become their greatest enemy. Cholesterol can be found in the brains of animals, nervous systems, blood, gall, egg-yolk and fat. Cholesterol is difficult to be emulsified and digested completely in our body. After taking for a long time, the blood is thickened with fat and becomes sticky. That is why it will lead to diseases such as the hardening of the arteries, coronary diseases, high blood pressure, haemorrhage, stroke (cerebrovascular accident) and others. Other than that, the accumulation of cholesterol will weaken the cells and disturb the functioning of the body system. Such a man will grow old faster and looks older than his age.

As a conclusion, in order to live in healthy, we should reduce eating meat or better still cut down meat eating totally as meat contains full of poisons, bacteria, cholesterol, etc. Instead we should take more wholegrains, vegetables and fruits for a healthy life.

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