Friday, October 29, 2010


One way to live in healthy is to relax yourself, relax your body and your mind. Nowdays we are facing so much pressure and problems, whether pressure from work load or family matters, or financial pressure, or tense relationship between yourself and colleagues, superiors, family members or friends. No matter how great the pressure is, we still have to live, to work and to do all daily activities. So, relax and listen to music, especially relaxing music or meditation music. It's much better if you can meditate. After relaxing, you will feel fresh, your mind will be clearer and most probably some of your pressure disappeared and some of your problems solved (as new ideas or solutions to your problems will be pop up when you are in relaxing state). You will realise that the sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, the mountain is green and the sky is blue. How wonderful is our lives. Cool or cool?

So, let's listen to the most relaxing music ever

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