Saturday, September 24, 2011

Malay traditional cuisine: Kelantan spicy wild vegetable rice

Plant colours nourish and rehabilitate our bodies and minds
plants that uptake sun light are rich in colour.
• wild plants or naturally grown plants contain the most colour, followed by organically grown plants and chemical fertilizer planted plants contain the least. If we eat chemical fertilizer planted plants, we are unable to obtain plant colour, our bodies will not get the colour and are more likely to get sick.
Malaysia has a tropical rain forest, plant colours are particularly rich and various types of wild plants and spices are particularly plenty. These conditions combined with our traditional cuisine cooking wisdom enable us to get healthy body and mind.

Spicy rice
Stir all leaves of spices, extract the juice and cook rice with the juice. In Kelantan tradition, the spices used by the Malays are approximately 20 over types. Over these 20 plus spices, you just have to use a few types of them, the main ones are pandan leaves, kaffir lime (
citrus hystrix) leaves, sauropus androgynus (also known as katuk, star gooseberry, or sweet leaf, is a shrub grown in some tropical regions as a leaf vegetable. In Chinese it is called mani cai (马尼菜); in Malay it is called cekur manis, sayur manis, or asin-asin), lemon grass, turmeric, turmeric leaves, galangal leaves, etc.
pandan leaves

kaffir lime (citrushystrix) leaves

sauropus androgynus

lemon grass


Long beans or green beans, slices of cucumber, slices of carrot, green bean sprouts, ginger flower powder, sub-clover powder, asam leaf powder, lemongrass powder.

A) Ingredient
1) Dried chili 100g
2) A little bit of coconut sugar (gula Melaka)
3) 1 or 2 lime
4) A bowl of thick coconut milk
5) Fried shredded coconut (small bowl), pounded until powder
6) 2 bowls of water
7) A little bit of salt

B) Method
Pound the dried chili to a paste, add coconut milk (5-6 tablespoons) on top of it, cook with low heat until oil appears, add all the coconut milk, water and fried shredded coconut. Cook with medium heat for 20-30 minutes, add salt and sugar, lastly add the lime into it.

(Source: Lapis Lazuli Light Malaysia)

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