Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where to find vegetarian foods: (1) Vege Station in Johor Jaya

I have become vegetarian for 12 years and I feel that I am very healthy compared to meat eaters. I have gone for a few medical checkups and I was confirmed that I have no diseases at all! I love vegetarian foods very much. I can even enjoy the food with just some rice and one or two veggie dishes.

Vegetarian foods can be very delicious. I have gone to a lot of vegetarian restaurants and stalls. I will recommend some of the places where you can find delicious and healthy vegetarian foods.

The first one I am going to share with you is a small stall located in a small hawker centre in Taman Johor Jaya. The name is Vege Station. Although this vegetarian stall is small but there are a lot of customers whether vegetarians or non vegetarians love to take their lunches or dinners there, especially at night the stall is packed with diners.

This is the view of the stall I took at noon.
This is the hawker centre where Vege Station is located.

One of the foods I love is “Lei Cha” (擂茶) which means “grinded tea”. There are people wrongly name it as “thunder tea”. “Lei” is actually the action to grind the tea leaves with other plant leaves in a big clay bowl (but nowadays people just use blender to blend it). The paste after grinding is poured with boiled water and this soup is called lei cha. Now you can start taking this delicious and healthy lei cha with rice and several finely diced dishes such as tofu, green beans, ground nuts, pickled radish and other vegetables. You can either mix the soup with the rice and condiments together or you just eat the rice with the dishes and drink the soup separately. But to me, I like to mix them altogether. Lui cha is deemed healthy by Chinese and especially Hakka clan.

This is the lei cha with rice and dishes.

A special and delicious dish I wish to share with you is broiled mock fish. Wow! It is so delicious! It is hot, spicy and sour. If you love hot and spicy foods, I am sure you will like it too. I have never eaten broiled fish since I become vegetarian 12 years ago and this was the first time I tasted it again (do not make me wrong, I am not interested in eating “fish”). Unfortunately this special dish is only available on weekends.

This is the broiled mock fish. How is it? Look delicious?

Another vegetarian food I love to eat here is vegetarian “bak kut teh”(肉骨茶 which is herbal soup to be served with rice. Beside herbs, the ingredients in the soup are tofu, yuba (腐竹), mushroom and mock pork which is made of mushroom pin. This food is delicious and healthy too.

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