Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simplest way to cure hemorrhoids – amazing veld vine

A Chinese proverb says “ten men nine are suffering from hemorrhoids”. I don’t know how true this proverb is. But to me, I mean 10 years ago, I did suffer from internal piles. I still remember at that time, I ate a lot of hot and spicy foods. As you know, a lot of Malaysians have a common interest which is to eat hot and spicy foods, like curry, "assam laksa", tom yam, "nasi lemak", etc.

After eating hot and spicy foods consecutively for a few days, while working at s construction site in Nilai, I suddenly felt unbearable pain at my anus, the piles just attacked me out of sudden. I shouted helplessly and was then sent to a clinic by my superior. The doctor injected analgesic to my piles and then tied my piles with rubber ring.

After resting at the hostel for a few days, I felt a little bit better. But the annoying hemorrhoids were still disturbing me, for those who are suffering from hemorrhoids will understand me well. The method of tying the piles with rubber ring is not a good one as the piles will initial become smaller but it will grow bigger again after a short period.

A few years later, I was lucky enough that a friend of my wife introduced me with this amazing plant called “veld vine” or scientific name “Cissus quadrangularis” or Vitis quadrangularis”. At first, I was not so convinced. Can this veld vine really cure my piles? However, I gave myself a trial. 3 days later, it seemed like no improvement. I encouraged myself to continue trying. Huh! You know what happened? Amazingly, my piles were getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared! How amazing!

Here is the simplest method to cure the hemorrhoids:

1) Take 3 or 4 cuts of veld vine depend on the size.

2) Wash it and remove the skin.

3) Cut it into small pieces, as small piece as possible.

4) Put the cut veld vine onto clay spoon.

5) Just swallow it! And quickly drink some plain water. If possible don’t let the cut veld vine touch on your lips as it is very “sharp” that will “cut” your lips.

6) Take this veld vine days and nights after meal until your piles disappeared. My experience was it took about 2 weeks to 3 weeks to disappear totally.

7) Please bear in mind that during this period, you are prohibited to consume any foods that contain chilli, curry, pepper and anything that is hot and spicy.

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