Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: Wu Tai Shan Eight Step Exercise五台山八步功

Wu Tai Shan exercise begins at the head and moves down to the feet. It can balance the whole body. Rubbing the feet at the end is the most important part, a natural complement to hand clapping. It is usually done before going to sleep. When doing it in the morning, skip the feet soaking part.

Method: Fill a pan of bucket with hot water. Add a little salt to the water. Place the feet in the water, covering the ankles.

1st step: Comb hair with all ten fingers 50 times (fig. 1)

2nd step: Use palms to smooth over the head 50 times (fig. 2)

3rd step: Use palms to rub the back of the head 50 times (fig. 3)

4th step: Use palms to rub the ears 50 times (fig. 4)

5th step: Use palms to massage the temples 50 times (fig. 5)

6th step: Use palms to massage the face 50 times (fig. 6)

7th step: Use palms to massage the back 50 times (fig. 7)

8th step: Bring feet out of the water (fig. 8)

Stroke the bottom of the feet with palms 1500 times each (men start with the left foot and women with the right foot; it takes approximately 15 minutes per foot). If time is limited, do at least 500 times per foot (fig. 9)



第一步:以十指梳头五十次 (图一)

第二步:以手掌摸头五十次 (图二)

第三步:以手掌摸后脑五十次 (图三)

第四步:以手掌擦耳朵五十次 (图四)

第五步:以手掌擦太阳穴五十次 (图五)

第六步:以手掌擦脸五十次 (图六)

第七步:以手掌擦后腰五十次 (图七)

第八步:脚从热水抽出,自然干 (图八)

手掌擦脚底,以男左女右先后次序,各一千五百次 (大约十五分钟)。如果时间有限,至少五百次 (图九)。

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