Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: The use of colour颜色的妙用

The colours of sunlight can activate hidden potential, stimulate creativity, imagination, subdue negative emotions and enhance positive emotions.

Red                        : for pioneering spirit, freedom, leadership quality.
Sky blue                 : love, patience, unconditional love
Yellow                    : joy, organization
Green                     : healing, growth and prosperity
Orange                   : self-confidence, wisdom, courage
Purple-violet          : emotional healing, intuition, inspiration
Indigo                    : protection, oneness of all life.

Practice colour visualization by recalling the orange of sunset, red of rose, blue of the sky, yellow of lemon, green of pine trees. Through water colouring, gemstones, being with nature, one will develop colour sensitivities. For example, one will learn to differentiate the different subtle shades of green of nature.

红色      :增加创业、自在和领导能力。
天蓝色 :加强慈悲、忍辱和无条件的爱心。
黄色      :   加强喜悦、组织能力。
绿色      :增长康复、成长和福气。
橘红色 :加强自信心、智慧和气。
紫红色 :协助情绪康复、增加灵感和直觉感。
墨蓝色 :有保护作用,体会万物为一体。


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