Friday, May 6, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: Rainbow colours蓝光让我们拥有无条件爱心

The rainbow colours of sunlight have a beneficial effect on emotions, and can also activate hidden potentials. A sunny blue sky has a completely different effect on our feelings than a cloudy grey sky.

The blue colour of the sky helps us to let go. It is also the colour of unconditional love, dispelling negative emotions. It can help to resolve human conflict.
To visualize blue, first look at the blue sky, then close your eyes and recall the colour. One can use also photos of blue sky or blue gem stones. People living in cities see grayish blue sky, not the true blue of natural sky.

Imagine breathing blue light into the nervous system from head to toe. Allow every cell to be infused with blue light. To clear unhappy memories of life experiences or people, visualize blue light while remembering. Only a few minutes of visualization are sufficient.

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