Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: The Effect Of Cooking Fuel On Food燃料对食物的影响

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in “Nutrition” compares the biological effect of water boiled in different cookware and using different cooking fuel. To test the effects of fuel on living systems, water was boiled in glassware for twenty minutes with different fuels. The water was then cooled to room temperature and used to water wheat seeds. The growth of wheat seedlings and roots was measured after ten days. The fuels used in the experiment were electricity, gas, coal, wood and straw. The control group was watered with unheated water. The results are as follows:

Wheatgrass grew the least with electrically boiled water, even less than unheated water. Gas flame-cooked water produced the next shortest sprouts, but similar to the control. Coal-cooked water produced slightly taller sprouts than gas flame-cooked water. Straw flame-cooked water produced the tallest sprouts, taller than wood flame-cooked water.

在赫思嘉博士(Dr. Rudolf Hauschka)所著《营养》(Nutrition) 一书中,说明炊具与燃料对生物的作用。实验方法是将水盛在玻璃器皿中,用不同的燃料煮沸二十分钟,然后将水冷却到室温,再用这种水来培植小麦芽,十天后测量麦苗和根的长度。

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