Monday, May 16, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: The Effect Of Cookware On Food炊具对食物的影响

Another experiment was carried out by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka to study the influence of cookware on the growth of wheatgrass using the water boiled from cookware made of different materials. The results are as follows:
Gold is the best. The water boiled from gold made cookware is the most beneficial to the growth of wheatgrass. Gold-plated spoons used for stirring food have a beneficial effect. Wooden spoons have similar effect.

From the result of the growth of wheatgrass, the cookware second to gold is clay pottery, followed by ceramic, enamel, glass, copper, iron, stainless steel; the worst is aluminium. Water boiled in aluminium pots inhibited the growth of wheatgrass.

为了观察不同炊具所煮出来的水对小麦草生长的作用,赫思嘉博士(Dr. Rudolf Hauschka)进行了一项实验,其结果如下:

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