Monday, July 18, 2011

Burnt Coconut Water Can Cure Diseases

I have been living in Malaysia for so many years and only until now I realised that the coconut can be burnt on wood and to be drunk when it is still hot. Last week a friend of mine invited me to have a trial.

The stall selling burnt coconut is located at a wooden hut beside old Masai Road, between Plentong and Bandar Seri Alam, Johor.
This is the stall selling burnt coconut water. The business here is quite good with customers come in and out.
The green coconuts were burned on steel drum with burning wood underneath
This was the burnt coconut I enjoyed for the first time in my life.
How is it? Look good and taste good? It still tastes like coconut, but with burning smell. Not bad, I really enjoyed it and I sweated like being steamed in the sauna.
The Malay owner has written on the wooden wall that this burnt coconut can cure quite a number of diseases, for example diabetes, high blood pressure, fewer and headache. I asked the woman owner whether it can really cure diabetes and high blood pressure. She replied that in order to cure the diseases, one has to drink everyday and only drink the coconut water without taking the coconut "meat". Beside curing the said diseases, the burnt coconut water can also cleanse our blood to remove toxin from our blood vessel.

I was made known that these burnt coconuts can also be found in Selangor and East Coast. Want to have a trial? You could most probably love it! My friend had come for a few times as his toothache was reducing after having burnt coconut water. It is not that expensive, it only costs RM3.00, which is only 50 sen extra over fresh coconut.

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