Monday, December 27, 2010

Why we should not eat eggs?

Nowadays, most of the chickens receive injections and are fed on arsenic, hormones and antibiotics in order to kill the worms from infection and also to increase the rate of egg production. When we eat the eggs, we are also eating these poisonous elements indirectly.
Eggs contain a lot of sulphur which increase the burden of our liver and kidney, it is regardless whether we eat raw eggs, half-boiled eggs or cooked eggs. People who possess a weak liver will be infected with food poisoning by eating raw eggs. The symptoms are migraine, headache, unstable blood pressure that is low blood pressure or high blood pressure. Besides, eating eggs will cause bacteria infection and decaying process taking place at the bottom of the large intestine that produce a lot of poisonous elements, which eventually cause diseases to our body.
An egg contains 275mg of cholesterol which is the highest content among other types of food. If we eat an egg a day, we will get an increase in 12% of cholesterol in our body. It leads to the chances of getting coronary disease by 24%.
Women who partake an egg a day will have a greater chance to be infected by breast cancer than those who only eat once in a week by 3.2 times. Women who eat three or more times of eggs in a week will be exposed to higher chance of getting serious ovary cancer by 3 times compared to those who take less than one time in a week.
Eggs produce a fishy smell. When an egg is left under the hot sun for 8 hours, it becomes a foul egg. It is as smelly as a decaying carcass. The temperature of our body is very high, so after eating an egg for about 8 hours, our body will produce loathsome smell. This is even worst when we let out a fart.
From here we can see that eating eggs is not a healthy lifestyle, in which it will burden the function of our body especially liver and kidney and increase higher chances of getting serious diseases.

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