Friday, December 10, 2010

Are human beings naturally vegetarians or meat eaters?

Are human beings naturally vegetarians or meat eaters? With the advancement of science in our modern science, this question can be easily answered.

Let us take a look at the common statement made by the famous and influential doctors in the medical world and the specialists who are skilful in post mortem of human body. Firstly, although the formations of our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body are different from the herbivorous animals, but the growth of our jaw and teeth are nearly identical with them. Our teeth are even that used to grind and chew the food, which is very different from carnivorous animals. The incisors of the carnivorous animals are used to grip small pieces of flesh and strip it from the bones. Their canines are used to stab the prey to prevent it from escaping.

Secondly, the small and large intestines of the human beings and herbivorous animals are both long and the length is ten to twenty times the length of the body. Therefore, the food eaten by us needs longer time for digestion. It is not suitable for human beings to partake meat because it is lack of fibers. The residue of the meat that remains too long in the intestine will decay. This will then poison the blood stream and increase the burden of the liver that subsequently encourages the hardening of liver and liver cancer.

Thirdly, unlike human beings and herbivorous, carnivorous animals have stronger hydrochloric acid in their stomach that is twenty times stronger than herbivorous. From here we can see that the digestive system of carnivorous animals is much stronger than human beings and herbivorous animals. Furthermore, the small intestine of the carnivorous animals is short while the large intestine is even and smooth. It is only three times the length of its body. In this way the flesh will be digested swiftly and will not stay too long in the body, which will lead to the process of decay.

By comparing the growth of the jaw and teeth, the length of small and large intestines and the digestive system between herbivorous and carnivorous animals, we can see that human beings are actually vegetarians in nature, which only suitable to eat vegetarian food that contains high fibers in order to live healthily.

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  1. Wow, I certainly wasn't considering Vegetarianism as a new years resolution. But you've just put the icing on the cake for me. I've actually been convinced of this for awhile from family and friends (so it sounds more like nagging). Thanks a lot of this post.


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