Thursday, December 30, 2010

Milk, Lies and Propaganda by Thierry Souccar, MSc

The ultimate book on dairy and health and a best-seller in France. This rigorously researched book provides convincing evidence for everyone from your doctor to your mother-in-law that milk and dairy products do not deliver what the industry claims they do : osteoporosis prevention. Moreover, regular consumption of dairy products has been associated with an elevated risk of several diseases including prostate cancer and Parkinson. This book explains how a foreign food family in the history of man’s diet (introduced only 6,000 years ago in the Caucasus mountains and Northern Europe) has been touted in recent decades as nature’s miracle food by the industry and the nutritionists.
In this book you will learn:
- how the milk industry made us believe that dairy calcium is the only important nutrient for strong bones ;
- why milk drinking countries have record-high hip fractures;
- why higher dairy consumption does not prevent bone fractures in most studies ;
- why prostate cancer is more common among men regularly consuming dairy ;
- why milk is suspected to fuel the child diabetes epidemy;
- why calcium won’t make you less fat despite industry claims;
- why calcium requirements were exaggerated and how much calcium you really need;
- how to prevent osteoporosis without dairy.
Written by a scientific journalist for the lay audience as well as physicians, this book is based on the latest tudies (over 250 cited) and extensive contacts with top nutrition teams such as the Harvard School of Public Health. It delivers its message in a factual way, easy to grasp even by readers without a scientific background.
Thierry Souccar is a well-known French scientific journalist and author. He is a member of the American College of Nutrition

Whether we believe it or not, but for ourselves’ and our family’s health, it is worth to reconsider the myths of the milk that we have deeply believed in. Yes, milk helps us to achieve our bone density to the peak by the age of 30, but our bones will become porous at our middle age! Drinking milk is like installing accelerator to our body cells that allow us growing tall and strong, but at the same time it also accelerates the growth of tumor. Milk will also trigger rhinobyon, diarrhea and rash. Milk really causes us a lot of diseases! Who has kidnapped our health? How can we pretend not to know? This book reveals the inside story of the food industry especially the dairy products that the industry tries to hide from the consumers. This book contains the scientific evidence and information that are solid and hard to be denied. In this book, we will be able to understand the disadvantages due to excessive intake of milk. Excessive intake of dairy products may worsen the conditions of osteoporosis patients.
It’s the time to break the myths of milk. Milk is for calves to drink, the nutrients of milk are specifically designed for calves to grow up and have nothing to benefit human beings. Due to the milk protein that is not suitable for our bodies, our immune system will react and cause allergic diseases like rhinobyon, diarrhea, rash, etc. Milk contains a lot of bacteria and viruses, hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. Therefore, by drinking milk, all these toxins will be accumulated in our bodies. Because of the milk is acidic, our body have to withdraw calcium from the bones in order to neutralize it and this eventually lead to osteoporosis. Besides, the formation of acidic body due to excessive of dairy products intake is the main cause of all kinds of diseases and problems. These include minor disease like allergy symptoms, and more serious diseases like heart coronary artery disease, nervous system disease, diabetes and tumor formation.
People who are lactose intolerant would be allergic to milk and would have diarrhea. Although the milk is rich in calcium, but the calcium is unable to be absorbed and would just be wasted. If our bodies can absorb the milk calcium, then why are US, Britain, Sweden, Finland, all these countries which consume the most milk in the world, are also the countries that facing the most severe osteoporosis?

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