Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why meat is a poisonous and unhealthy food?

The growth of the animals depends on the consumption of unhygienic food. Many people especially Chinese like to eat pork. They enjoy the fat and thin pork, liver, heart, brain, intestines, kidneys and others. But most of them may not realize that the pigs are fed on foul and stinking water.

Many people enjoy eating chickens and ducks. But do they realize that the ducks feed on worms, soil, torn vegetables and dead rats? While the chickens enjoy feeding on cockroaches, ants, worms and other waste materials.

Some people like to eat the meat of the dogs. I have seen some foreign construction workers chasing the wild dogs in order to catch them for food. Some dogs swallow feces as their daily food while others eat the carcass of dead animals in the countryside. In fact there are also some wild dogs which dig and eat the corpses of human beings from their tombs.

Therefore, the stomach and meat of animals are mostly infected with a lot of worms and parasite. In addition, the breeders feed them with a large quantity of fertilizers which are enriched with antibiotics, man-made hormones and chemical products so as to reduce their chances of falling ill and to grow faster. The residual medications in the meat will greatly harm the health of human beings. So, when a man eats meat, he is indeed eating dirt and harmful medications and will be infected with all kinds of diseases later. In fact, this is equivalent to a gradual process of committing suicide.

Many a time animals die because of over dosage of chemical products, antibiotics and hormones injection. In fact they die because they are contaminated by chemicals before they are slaughtered. A man who eats such animals is encouraging the growth of cancerous cells in his body.

It is indeed impossible for us to know whether the meat sold in the market is infected with diseases or not because the meat of an infected carcass looks exactly like the disease-free meat. Just like the human beings, more and more animals are infected with cancer. More than thirteen percent of the meats from the slaughtered animals are not suitable to be eaten. In most cases, the slaughters only cut and throw away the diseased portions or organs of the infected animals and the remainder of the carcasses is still sold to consumers. Therefore, the meat eater will be infected easily and die faster.

When an animal is alive, the waste matter from the body will be excreted naturally. But once it is slaughtered, the waste matter will be accumulated in the body. So, when a man eats meat, it is equivalent to adding the waste matter of animals to his body. The most notorious waste matter of the meat is urine elements and urea. Every pound of beef consists of 14cc of urea. Furthermore, in the process of slaughtering, the animal is extremely horrified, sorrowful and angry. It will excrete a great quantity of poisonous waste matter that is harmful to meat eaters.

As a conclusion, meat contains lots of worms, parasite, harmful chemicals and medications, urine elements, urea and poisons, therefore it is poisonous and unhealthy to be eaten and meat eaters will be infected with cancer and other diseases.

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