Thursday, November 11, 2010


Before I turned from meat eater to vegetarian, I didn't like Japanese food. When I became a vegetarian, there was one day, about 7 or 8 years ago, I brought my family to a newly opened vegetarian restaurant in Bandar Sunway, where Japanese foods were served. This was the first time I ate Japanese foods including vegetarian Temaki. My family enjoyed the food very much especially vegetarian Temaki.

Later, as I mentioned that my wife likes to cook, she therefore learned how to make Temaki and here is the recipe:-


(A) 2 bowls cooked sushi rice
      6 sheets roasted laver

(B) 30g alfalfa sprouts
     1 lettuce
     Some cucumber and carrot strips
     1 avocado cut into strips

(C) A bit of salad cream

(D) 3 table spoon small vegetarian shrimp - deep fried till crispy
     or monkey mushroom floss (can be bought at vegetarian shops)


Place some rice diagonally across a sheet of purple laver. Arrange ingredients (B) and (C) on it and roll it into a cone shape, garnish with (D) as toppings. Now Temaki is ready for you to eat.


  1. Hi
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    Could you share more recipes and also what you and your family (especially your children) take for breakfast, lunch, dinner on a vegetarian diet? It will be very helpful to new vegetarian 'converts' like myself.
    Thank you!

  2. Sure, I would like to share more recipes but currently I'm working in JB while my family is in KL. I myself don't know how to cook. The recipes I'm sharing here are from my wife. Vegetarians are not aliens, what you eat is what we eat, the only difference is we just don't eat all sorts of meat, eggs, fresh milk, honey, bird's nest, garlic, onion, all products (including bread, biscuit, sweet, etc) that contains animal ingredients, eggs,honey, garlic and onion. I sincerely welcome you to be a member of vegetarians. Cheers!


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