Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's funny! Why a lot of people like to eat 5 pungent foods?

What are 5 pungent plants? They are shallot, garlic, leek, Chinese chive and onion. All these plants belong to the plant family of lily and the scientific name is “Allium”. These plants have strong and bitter smell that contains yellowish foul and oily elements. The smelly odour is especially penetrating. People who like to eat cooked foods of these plants regularly will have their sexual desires increased.

The five pungent plants are able to excite our mind, brains and other internal organs. A person who eats these foods in raw will not be able to control himself but get angry easily. Besides, the mouth odour, sweats, excrement and urines, phlegm and others are extremely smelly. These foods affect the body by bringing harm to kidney, bones, heart, blood, liver, veins, spleen, muscles, lungs and skin. Such a person will be sleepy and forgetful.

A person who like to eat the pungent foods whether eat in raw or cooked, and because of the odour that is extremely smelly and penetrating, all the saints, protectors, angels and good spirits that are unable to stand with the odour will leave him as far as possible. Only those evil spirits and ghosts who like to stay in dirty and smelly environment and like to eat excrement and urine would like and would be able to approach these people who love to eat pungent foods, as those protectors have left them. These evil spirits and ghosts love the odour that spred from human's mouths very much and they will “kiss” human's lips to suck human’s energy as their “food” for surviving! It's funny, why a lot of people still love to eat pungent foods?

Therefore, such pungent foods are a great hindrance to all cultivators, vegetarians and human beings. In fact, we can use ginger to replace these pungent foods for our daily cooking. For those who still love to eat pungent foods better think twice on the consequences.

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