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Pulut Tatal / Pulut Tekan Recipe蓝花糕食谱

Pulut Tatal is a Nyonya food made of glutinous rice. Although this traditional food is quite common in Malaysia, but you can hardly find it in the market. Before Chinese New Year, my wife’s friend had requested her to prepare some foods for a function organized by Lapis Lazuli Light (Malaysia). One of the foods she made was Pulut Tatal. The response was encouraging especially when it was served together with eggless Kaya (pumpkin jam). Some participants of the function had even asked the organizer whether the Kaya is for sale. Here is the recipe of this Pulut Tatal:
Ingredients A:
a)      500g glutinous rice, washed and soaked overnight, let it dry

b)      250ml coconut milk
c)       A pinch of salt

d)      A few pieces of pandan leaves, knotted
e)      A few pieces of banana leaves
Ingredients B:

a)      20 pieces of Bunga Telang (butterfly pea flowers)
b)      Some water

1.       Put pandan leaves on soaked and dried glutinous rice.

2.       Wash and put banana leaves into boiled water, take out and let it dry.
3.       Put glutinous rice into bamboo steamer to steam for 15 mins.

4.       Wash and pound the flower. Mix with some water and boil it. Strain and extract the indigo colored water and set aside.
5.       Add the salt in coconut milk and stir it.
6.       Add the coconut milk in glutinous rice and stir it.
7.       Continue to steam for another 15 mins or until it is cooked.

8.       Take out 1/3 of glutinous rice and mix with indigo colored water.

9.       Mix this indigo colored glutinous rice with original glutinous rice. Pour it out into a container laid with banana leaves and press it.

10.   Wait till it is cold, cut into pieces and serve it with kaya (pumpkin jam).

a)      500克糯米,洗净,浸过夜,沥干
b)      250毫升椰浆
c)       1 小匙盐
d)      数片香兰叶,打结
e)      数片香蕉叶
材料 B:
a)      二十朵蓝花
b)      少量的水
1.       把香兰叶放入浸过夜且沥干的糯米。
2.       先把洗净的香蕉叶煮一煮,捞起沥干,备用。
3.       大火蒸糯米,约十五分钟。
4.       将蓝花和水放入小锅中,以小火煮成靛蓝色的蓝花汁。
5.       把盐加入椰浆,搅匀。
6.       在蒸十五分钟过后的糯米内倒入椰浆,搅匀。
7.       再继续蒸十五分钟或至全熟。
8.       把三分之一的白糯米饭加入蓝花汁,搅匀。
9.       再把蓝花糯米饭加入白糯米饭内,稍微搅拌,倒入铺上香蕉叶的容器,压平。
10.   冷却后切块,佩上加椰(Kaya)享用。

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