Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to choose what the body needs?如何选择自己身体所需要的食物?

Our earliest nutritionist was our nose and tongue. When we smelled foods that were needed, we would salivate. We would also find the food to be delicious. After we had enough, the taste of the food would change. Sometimes the difference is in just one bite.
However, later with the introduction of food processing, heating and seasoning, our basic sense of smell and taste became very confused. We lost the ability to determine what our bodies needed. Even though we eat a lot, it is not necessarily what our bodies need. It is not surprise that the sickness follows.
Therefore, we have to eat natural foods that are without artificial ingredients or without food processing, in order to recover our natural abilities of smelling and tasting. We may not reinstate our abilities overnight, but improvement will definitely be achieved after some times.



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