Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lapis lazuli light: Refined sugar and molasses白糖与糖蜜

Refined Sugar
Sugar is not only responsible for tooth-decay, but robs vitamin B from the body, disturbs calcium metabolism, and has a deleterious effect of the nervous system. Doctors have found that children who are allowed to have all the sweets they want become irritable and nervous. Once the sweets are removed, they are again well-behaved and poised. In the world of adults, nervousness, periodic depression, suspicion and even nervous breakdowns can be attributed to the eating of sugar. One of the most popular “myths” regarding sugar is the belief that it is an “energy food”. Actually, white sugar is not a food, but a catalyst for burning what the body already has. Its effect on the body is very much like that of alcohol.
Molasses: It is the by-product of making white sugar.
Sugar cane is actually a grass, nutritious if eaten whole. In the making of white sugar, all the nutritious parts, vitamins and minerals are concentrated in the molasses, including vanadium. Vanadium can help the breakdown of cholesterol. Those with high cholesterol can take one tablespoonful of molasses per day.


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