Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lapis Lazuli Light: Natural Vegetarian Food Is The Best Medicine天然素食是最佳良药

When an agricultural society becomes an industrial society, not only lifestyle has been changed, but food habits have also been changed drastically. In the past, meat and fish were available only during special occasions; but now they are eaten every day. White sugar used to be a luxury food, now it can be bought anytime. Brown rice and whole wheat are replaced with white rice and white flour. In a short twenty to thirty years, these diet changes have affected health conditions in general. Heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, excess weight and premature aging are now common. It has now been proven that proper vegetarian food not only can prevent disease but can also cure disease.
Henry Bieler, M.D., wrote in his book “Food is Your Best Medicine”: “Allopathic medicine invariably has side effect. Food, on the other hand does not have this problem.” His recommendation for food is to eat more fresh vegetables and whole grains, and to avoid refined foods and meat.

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