Monday, February 14, 2011

Quotes about vegetarianism 素食名言

1)Albert Einstein:”I think that going vegetarian changes and purifies a person’s temperament and this benefits mankind. Therefore, vegetarianism is good for the mankind.”

2)Pythagoras: “Man eats smelly and bloody flesh just to preserve his mortal body. Is this any different from devouring our guests?”

3)George Bernard Shaw: “Animals are my friends and I will not eat my friends.”

4)Sun Yat-sen: “Going vegetarian is the secret of longevity, a finding scientists, healthcare professionals, physiologists and medical experts concur with. The Chinese, in particular, should be *vegetarians

5)Emerson: “Even if a slaughterhouse is hundreds of miles away, you will still be a accomplice of animal killer as long as you eat meat.”

6)Venerable Master Hsuan Hua: “Whoever stops consuming meat is contributing to this world by freeing it from wars.”
无论哪一位要是能不吃肉,这就是帮助世界,令世界没有战争。 ——宣化上人

7)Mahatma Gandhi: “I think, when the mind has developed to a certain stage, we will no longer kill animals just to satisfy appetite.”
8)One who goes vegetarian carries out pure practices, shuns liquors and meat, and recites the Buddhist mantras or sutras round the clock, will be rewarded with great blessings and wealth.
[Upholding of the World Sagely Dharani Sutra]
9)The Bodhisattva Mahasattvas regard all sentient beings as their kindred, or even their own flesh and blood. Therefore, it is not right to eat the meat of any animal. – [Lankavatara Sutra]
10  One who eats meat is brave but violent, whereas one who consumes only grains is intelligent and gentle – [The Book of Rites]
食肉勇敢而悍,食榖智慧而巧 —— 《大戴礼记》

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