About Me

Hi, I'm Chong Seng Kong, a civil engineer lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I graduated and obtained B.Sc (Civil) from University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur in 1992. After graduation I worked with a consultant firm for 3 years before working in construction line and I'm currently running my own construction business.
As you know, working as a contractor, I have to always entertain my clients and consultants. So I can't avoid drinking alcohol and eating a lot of meat which were poisonous to my body. However, I sudden realised that I have to go for vegetarian food one day (that was about 11 years ago) after reading a lot of book on Buddhism and organic food.
11 years ago when my wife brought our first child who was just 3 months old  to visit her mother in Singapore and I was alone at home for two weeks. Since then I became a vegetarian lover. From breakfast to dinner, I just took vegetarian food without any single piece of meat or fish. I enjoyed vegetarian food for 2 weeks before my wife came back from Singapore.
Guess what when my wife came back from Singapore? Haha, my wife cooked some vegetable and a piece of fish for our dinner and I just took the vegetable without touching the fish. And we had a little bit of dispute over the dinner. However, the story ended up with my whole family became pure vegetarian family since then. Cool or cool?

My whole family enjoy vegetarian food very much. By having vegetarian food, our family members are very healthy. Myself has never seen a single doctor for the past 6 years and all my 3 daughters are very healthy, other than having minor flu and cough.  I wish I could share a little bit about healthy and happy life, healthy food, healthy diet, healthy recipe, benefits of having vegetarian food and so on with you. Cheers!

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr. Patric Chan and Mr. Addy Kho for their kind teaching and sharing, or else I would not have started writing my blog here!
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